Heya everyone :)

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Heya everyone :)
Sun, 08-10-2003 - 10:40pm
Heya ladies. Sorry its been so long since I've been around. I've been so busy with Ani and my other child...Dustin. lol For those of you that may not know who I am...I've dated online quite a bit for the past few years. I met my husband on an online game, we're now married and have a 5 month old daughter. We're still unfortunately in Connecticut. We decided we'll move back to Indiana, the summer of 2007. It seems so far away and I miss my family. I've been posting mainly on a playgroup board for mothers of babies born March of 2003. I'm not so much dating online anymore, but I'll try to check in more often. I possibly could have good advice to offer those going through online relationships. Sorry this is all kinda thrown together. Its past my bedtime lol. But I hope everyone is doing fine and I miss you all!!


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Mon, 08-11-2003 - 12:52am
Kristina Marie!!! I've missed you so much girlie! I'm glad that things are going good with you and Dustin, how is little Ani? Growing up fast I bet. I'm not in an online relationship now either, but I still check up on everyone and you should do the same! You've been there, done that and know how it goes :) 2007 does seem far away, but you'll be surprised how fast it goes...as long as you and your family are happy, thats what matters :) Pop in more or email/IM me! Like I said, I've missed talking to you!! Lmhangel@hotmail.com or StelleLinds20 on AIM :)



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Mon, 08-11-2003 - 9:15am
Kristina, so happy you came over to update us all! Well, dont worry with a husband and a baby, you are a busy woman, so pop in when you can. Love to read all your wonderful stories about your life. Best of luck to you and yours.


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