Hi all I'm a Newbie!!

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Hi all I'm a Newbie!!
Sun, 06-22-2003 - 11:57pm
Hi everyone, Im a newbie to the board. I just wanted to say hello to everyone and i guess share a little about myself. Im 20 years old and i met someone offline. Its a little difficult because im in GA and he is in Miami ,Fl but so far we have clicked really well ( met online in feb). so hopefully we will meet in person soon!! keep fingers crossed. does anyone have ideas about coping with the distance thing? i have been in a couple of LDR's but it seems like this one im having a harder time dealing with him not being closer...
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Mon, 06-23-2003 - 8:10am
I don't think you will know whether your clicking really well will turn into a solid relationship or not until you can spend consistent in person time together. i'm reminded of a man I met in March - we emailed a few times and had a few phone conversations before meeting - and I saw his pic too (v. handsome) - we met and had a fabulous connection - 4 hour date that was supposed to be one hour - no kissing but a nice hug at the end - I floated home - felt like strong like/infatuation at first sight! I hadn't felt that way in quite awhile. Second date - it just wasn't there in the same way - in any way - I chalked it up to him being on cold medicine - third date - both healthy - no real connection. In this case, it was because my impression of him as a creative, deep thinking artist changed as I got to know him a little better to just a former artist who was now depressed. You never know whether your clicking in the very beginning means anything until you have more time together - and little time to fantasize and project who you believe the person is - which happens when there are long periods of time between meeting in the beginning.
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Mon, 06-23-2003 - 10:18am
Welcome to our board! So happy you chose to join our group. We are all here anytime you need to vent or ask questions and if we do not know the answers, we can surely give you a big hug to help you along!!! I am the co-host here at Cyberconnections along with Marie. SO, please post often and advise anyone else if you can.

To give you some advice for LDRs, let me just say it is not easy by any means. YOu have to want to be with this person 100% and in doing that, you need to keep the lines of communications open at all times. Be honest and most of all be patient. Work towards a common goal of meeting sooner than later, and more so working towards making the permanent relationship together in person. You must both be in agreement to this goal for it to work. Meeting shouldnt be too much of a problem for the two of to you, since you are in Georgia and he is Florida. The flights are not more than 300 bucks round trip and you two could split it if need be. Driving and meeting half way is a option as well. I would say, I hope you two have plans to meet so, since I met my guy online as well in Feburary. He is going to be here in three weeks for our first official meeting and if things go well, he is planning to stay and live here in Tennessee with me. SO, he is in Scotland and had to get passport updates and visas, which cost lots of money and take time. SO, I hope you and your guy meet soon, so that you two can move into a deeper relationship together. Lots of phone calls, and lots of web cam time is all I can tell you to get through it. I wish you luck and am happy to see a new face!!!


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Tue, 06-24-2003 - 2:54am
Hi kitty welcome to the board and hope to hear more of u, i was a newbie once, been only in the board for nearly 2 months but its been great. You'll learn lots of things here not just about online relationships. Feel free to post, ask questions or even answer some which are posted here. Lookin' forward to your advices too.

To answer you, just like what Gail said, lines of communication must be open with this type of relationship. Talk to him often, be honest and trust each other, and patience is a must! Not much hard for both of u, ur both living in states, unlike us whose pursuing on overseas relationships, it'll really take time, patience, understanding, and money b4 we can finally meet. So just relax, have fun , take ur time and most of all BE HAPPY!

Gud day..