Hi Gail!

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Hi Gail!
Fri, 07-18-2003 - 12:16pm
Thanks for visiting my website!

I figured I'd come over and pay you a courtesy visit, howzat?

Isn't Istanbul lovely? Unfortunately, we're not going to be living there (sigh). Bezad wants me to move to Houston where his practice is. And his ex, and his son.

Which brings us of course to visa issues, which is never easy. We first discussed fiance visa, but both decided not to do that, since the immigration people would be breathing down our necks to see if we got married, or else make me leave the country. Whereas if i got on a work or study-based visa, there would be no pressure on us as a couple.

Arrrgh... the hassles of LD relationships.

I totally understand where you're coming from re: Mark's arrival date.

But just between you and me (and everyone else on ivillage) it's not just the kids, is it? It's nerves too... Been there, done that! Breathe, girl. It'll all work out for the best.

Lots of hugs from

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Fri, 07-18-2003 - 12:27pm
OH sal! Im so glad you came over to see me and everyone here!! Yes, Istanbul is absolutely gorgeous!!! Also, your man there is a hottie girl. Well, anywhere you live with your man will be beautiful I am sure of it. I am sure he would agree with me, since you are a knock out! WOW! (smiles)

So, yeh...it is not just the kids, even though they are my main reason, no...you got me. IT is not the only reason. My nerves are bad. I am just afraid of me. Not of him and how he feels. It is how I feel. I just have never in my entire life, met someone that would move across the world for me. It is really alot of pressure for someone like me. lol

So, it is a big deal. This man expects so much, even though he says he does not, I know he does. I just think I am the one that will disappoint him. I have doubts in myself. I am just a mother, with two boys. I dont know if I can give him what he needs.Im happy being single. EEK! Is that bad? giggles. Well, he is coming, since he has been through hell to get here, so he will stay in the hotel and then we will see.

So, if it doesnt work, he goes on his merry way. lol

Anywho!! Goodluck with B, and goodluck with me. Thanks so mcuh for popping in! Hey, answer some of our daily fun q's!! We love having you here!!!



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Fri, 07-18-2003 - 3:32pm
Oh Gail, please don't ever think you may not be good enough for Mark or anybody else! From what I have learned about you in just a few weeks of knowing you you are such a great person to have around and he will be happy to be with you.

You both know each other for a while and I am pretty sure he knows a lot more about you and what kind of person you are than I do so he obviously knows what he likes about Gail and why he is in love with her. If he will finally give up his actual life he will not only do it for you but also for himself because if he would be completely satisfied with what he has now or before you met he would just not give it up. Don't set yourself under pressure, just enjoy what you have found and don't think about what he have to give up for being together with you. If all will work out with the two of you then he will get much more than he had before! He just expects you to make him as happy in person as you made him as Cyber-Gail and he will for sure do the same to you!

Anyway, I know how you feel though because this feeling of not being good enough was one of the problems I had with the man before Rob. We both were completely insecure about ourselfs (typical Cancer he is and I was just surprised that a guy like him really seemed to like me)and because we did not talk about it we had no chance to come over it. Whenever he did something I did not understand I took it for another sign that he cannot like me anymore and reacted strange then what made him think I do not like him anymore and so on and so on. He couldn't understand that I really wanted to move over an ocean just because of him and telling him how special he was for me even made it worse. I have seen a more actual add of him recently and he really says there: "I have been told to be just an average guy so I am looking for a woman of the same kind." Arrrg, I have no idea who told him that and he definitely is not an average man but....I guess it's not my business anymore to make that clear to him.

A big weekend-hug for you!


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Fri, 07-18-2003 - 4:24pm
Nicole, thank you so much for the support. I do appreciate it. I am like the guy you knew yes, since Cancers and Pisces share the same sensitivity and insecurity sometime. Well, I will try to calm down, but it is hard. Thanks again. I will do my best when he gets here in actually..omg....he will be here two weeks from today on our new agreement. August 1st is two weeks, officially away. he got his visa in the mail. Only has to book the flight. Ok, breathing....AHHH! lol

Gail :0