How do words inspire you???? (m)

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How do words inspire you???? (m)
Wed, 04-23-2003 - 11:28am
You know me, I seem to come up with a question or debate everyday. I get inspired.What can I say? lol Anywho. I was talking with some other ladies today and the topic of "how words inspire you", which brings me to the inspiration of my discussion now. When you read a book, or an article, or anything that interests you, it can inspire you in some way.

For example, a book I read once in college called, "The Night", by Elie Weisel. Very compelling, moving story about he and his family's torture while in concentration camps, during the Holecaust. Okay, that is a discussion in itself, but what my point is this.... this book changed my whole perspective on life in general. It made me realize that there is so pain in the world and it made me more grateful for the life I had. I was overwhemled by this man's story and have since researched his website and wrote numerous emails comending him for his work. So...this brings me to a point. Yes, I have one. lol

If articles we read, such as the book I described, can inspire us so deeply and change the way a person feels, then we can apply that same idea to meeting someone on line. While reading emails and exchanging Im's, can't a persons words being typed make you feel a certain way as well?

Okay, my point on this would be as followed: Words inspire us to feel. More specifically, online... Emails, and or Im's included. I feel, it is possible to have a certain connection and fall in love with someone on line with the hopes to confirming a real, honest relationship. (Yes, you need the in person to confirm and complete it, no doubt. ) I know this has been discussed before, but I would like to see what you all think about this topic in the sense of, "How do words inspire you??" SO, this is my POV. Now, anyone, everyone, tell me yours!! WOO HOO! Love discussions and debates! Lets spice it up! lol


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Wed, 04-23-2003 - 12:23pm
When I first started talking to my now husband online, I had just broken up with my last bf and found out that he may had been cheating on my through the last part of our relationship. I was completely distraught and was talking to Dustin (my DH) as friends, and he started to sing to me on the mic. At that moment I realized that he was a great guy, but after my last OL relationship (the one I had just ended) I was going to give up on dating online. The wait inbetween visits, and the fact that I needed someone physically to hold me and be there for me was something I felt I needed at that time. But as Dustin and I continued talk and once stayed up all night to talk, I began to have hope again. Hope that not all guys were jerks and that I will move on and everything will work out. I felt my soul was alive and that overwhelming feeling I never even had with my ex bf. After only a couple weeks of talking, Dustin said he had something to tell me and that it was important. It was that he loved me, and I couldn't put into words the feeling he made me feel, but I think love expressed it best. I do believe that written words can bring out certain feelings in people. Thats partially why I have a love for poetry and song lyrics. I love it when they put into words feelings that I can't find the words myself to express. I actually emailed one of my fav artist and thanked him for that. And he replied back. It was great! So I agree Gail. :)
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