How often do you IM someone????

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How often do you IM someone????
Thu, 08-21-2003 - 9:44am
Read this article and tell me what you think. It is interesting how on line chatting has become so popular now a days, but is it just for fun, or do you actually have full length conversations with friends, family, and SOs. Tell me what you think Iming is all about after you read this article I found on MSN!!! HA!

I have had someone tell me that I must have been in the chat rooms too much, since my grammer had gone down hill. Its just like talking in slang, and when I type, lol....smiles, or giggles, it is just a way to express myself through words or typing in short form!!! HA!!!


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Thu, 08-21-2003 - 10:55am
Hi Gail,

Well I'm a full-blown chat addict. I've been chatting since before the days of the IM phenomenon. I started chatting in 1993 on a system called IRC. Its where I met my first on-line boyfriend - one that I dated for 5 years (no not just online 5 years, we met one year after meeting online and then dated for 5 years - I don't count the time before we met face-to-face).

Back in those days we'd often use *smile* or *laugh* to indicate emotions, which quickly changed to :o) <-- emoticons. But I have to agree that the IM abbreviation phenomenon is getting to be ridiculous. I have people IMing me how with "h r u" .... first time I saw that I was like WTF (umm if you don't that one ... "what the *$&#!"). Oh and "h r u" is "how are you?".

As a former teacher all the misspellings, shortened spellings and grammatical short cuts makes my skin crawl. The people I chat and/or IM with the most are ones who don't use them so profusely. I'm sorry I never studied shorthand and have no intention to now (LOL).

Anyhow just my 2 cents


P.S. Oh I do keep in touch with people via IM/Chat much more frequently than with phone/email/snailmail. Its so much more convenient and much cheaper (no long distance charges!). Even Lloyd and I will IM rather than call (saves on our cell phone minutes).

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Thu, 08-21-2003 - 1:37pm
It was in early 2001 when somebody I emailed to regularly asked me "Do you have IM?" and I thought "what the heck does he want from me, what is IM?". I knew SM so I thought it's something like that and was a bit hesitant to let him know I have no clue what he is talking about. But finally I admit, he then told me and I downloaded MSN Messenger and from that day on I was addicted to it. Such a wonderful instrument for somebody like me who does use her mobile more for short-messaging than for phoning.

It's a wonderful thing especially when you are talking to people long-distance because it's much cheaper than the phone. Of course things take longer than they would over phone but that doesn't bother me much. Rob and I try to be on messenger for at least 1 hour weekdays because when I am already home he is still in the office and nobody would like it there if he is on the phone with me for a longer time daily. IM is just going next to his work and of course I am patient (that's definitely a thing I have learned since I am having a LDR!) when he has to deal with some people coming into his office first.

In fact I am not using many short forms, the picture emoticons yes, but not TTYL or things like that. I have never been very active in chat rooms so I don't know many of them. And of course I am not a native speaker and would probably bring myself in trouble if I try to guess what certain short forms mean.


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Thu, 08-21-2003 - 2:15pm
I've tried chat (I have Yahoo messenger) a number of times (with friends/potential dates only, not going into random chat rooms), and really don't like it. I'd much rather talk to someone on the phone, because you can't convey or hear tone well, even with emoticons. I suppose if cost were an issue, I'd use it instead of email or phone, but that hasn't come up.

As for the shorthand, keep it in the chat room!!! I can't stand it.


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Thu, 08-21-2003 - 9:27pm
I must be an IM addict. I use it all the time to talk to friends 'cause all of them live out of town! (I've moved around a lot due to daddy dearest's job, my mother is praying this is the last I do like using the phone better with some people more than others. I have a friend that lives in NS and I'd much rather talk to her on the phone and see what she's doing than say my friend who lives three hours away. To me it just depends on who you talk to and who you're comfortable with. But out of all three modes of communication I'd have to say I like email the best. I love to write so it gives me an excuse every now and then to write some one. It's the best of both worlds:). The speed of the internet with the charm of snail But it does bug me when I chat with some one who doesn't know how to But that's probably because I was an English major in university and was planning to be a teacher. So I'm pretty conscientious (I don't think I spelled that right;)) when I spell and use spell check a

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Fri, 08-22-2003 - 5:48am
The very first time i entered into a chatroom was at MiRC 2 years ago, someone IMed me and said, ASL? (what the h...does that mean?), so i have to ask what he just said. Even saw words like LMAO, RMOLF, IMHO, and other chatroom words.

Word shortcuts are very useful in chats since you don't need to type long words. I can say i'm guilty using them in writing e-mails and sometimes here i think. "B/c" it is much easier "2" write and it's faster.."lol". But "w8", i think it is "gr8" "2"...LMAO!

Kidding aside, this internet instant messaging is one of the best that has been invented, it's much cheaper than talking on phone all the time. It's a very useful tool, especially for me since 2 of my sis where outside of the country, we used them a lot to communicate. Joe and I talked too for an hour or so everyday, saving phone bills (though phone calls are very important too)..