How to snoop via Facebook?

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How to snoop via Facebook?
Thu, 05-06-2010 - 2:36pm

I am not a Facebook person. I've recently started dating someone who has a Facebook page. Last week he had photos of eight women on his Wall and there were notes from them but all seemed to be two years and older messages. I looked today and the photos are gone and there are only the most recent notes from one woman from two years ago.

Do older messages drop off or do they have to be deleted?

Could he be hiding notes later than 2008 or is it all or nothing, i.e. they all show up or they are all hidden?

Could he be hiding those photos I saw earlier?

I still am curious about those notes because he mentioned having a serious relationship two years ago but she supposedly cheated on him.

It looks like I could read the notes if I download Facebook Slide Fun Space application. Would that slow down my computer or screw things up or give me spam? Would he be able to see that I viewed his page? I have a Facebook page that is empty and only shows my name.

Because this is early days in our relationship, I normally wouldn't care as much but he asked me to remove my dating profile yesterday from the website where we met and I did. However, his is still up and I'm giving him a week to take it down before mentioning it to him. I know he has trust issues because of that previous relationship, but I'm not taking myself out of the dating pool if he isn't willing to. And there is always the chance that he is a control freak and cheater himself. Too early to tell.

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Mon, 05-10-2010 - 12:48pm

Update: I dropped the guy. Too much work! I'm dating someone else I like better.

You had better stay away from the Snooping and Jealousy board (or whatever it's called) because if my one little inquiry upset you so much, you would have a heart attack reading that board! LOL

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Sun, 05-09-2010 - 2:05pm

REally? If you feel you have to cyber spy, why are you even asking?

I wouldn't be interested in a guy I didn't feel was being honest with me and I felt was manipulating facebook for his benefit.

I wouldn't be interested in a guy who asked me to take down his profile and didn't take his own down.

But I wouldn't be interested in a gal who wanted to hack into my facebook paged to see what used to be on it.

I think you two deserve each other!