I think I love him... oh boy.....

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I think I love him... oh boy.....
Wed, 03-20-2013 - 9:18pm

I met this guy on a dating website who possessed all the red flags for me not to get involved with him.  1) he is still friends with his ex and 2) he is from Europe and confessed he needs a green card.  At first I didn't care because I just fell so hard for him.   He has a "baby face" that I can't get out of my mind. I still thought of him even when I was dating someone else (but that didn't last)!  

So the green card guy and I remained friends and then became friends with benefits.  He is from Europe and sees his family once a year. For some crazy reason he prefers to live in the USA apart from his family.  IDK know why, but anyway......  he does construction, you know since he can't get any other kind of job without an American citizenship.  He had lost his job but quickly found another one, except now he works 24/7 - well it seems like it.

So the last time I saw him was the week before Christmas. He said he got invited to his friend's house but declined  because he doesn't want to intrude on family time with family that is not his.  I cried when I got home. I just felt so bad for him.  His family usually visits during the summer.

I think I love him because I feel bad for him....  does that make sense?  


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Sat, 03-23-2013 - 11:07am

trail-girl wrote:
<p>  However, someone who just met you could say you're lying about your degree too (I mean if you have one)</p>

we're not talking about me --we're talking about a sweet talking Eastern European whose got your head turned completely around on your shoulders. 

  And I am totally enjoying his 6-pack.  That's one thing he CAN'T lie about because THAT I can see with my own two eyes</p>

Most Europeans have far less body fat than Americans.  They restrict GMO foods.