A little on and off topic,I suppose(m)

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A little on and off topic,I suppose(m)
Fri, 03-28-2003 - 1:41pm
I miss the way this board used to be and I wish we could return to those times,but I guess we all can't stay in the past and must continue on with the future because that is what gets us where we are now,right?Past and future come together and bring us to place*nods*.

Anyways,consider this an update and more.Jim and I are fine.Our relationship like every other is like a rollercoaster,sometimes it's so good you don't want to get off or for it to end and other times it's so scary you are scared of what's to come,we have our highs,lows,twists,and turns,but in the end everything is alright.Lately we have run into our issues where I have caused problems with how I react to certain things,but now that is changing and it sure feels good to change for the better.For instance,when I would get angry or frustrated the old way used to be to continue to get angry and frustrated,run in a cycle,but now I tell him I can't talk to him until I am calm and am able to put clear thoughts together to explain myself.Jim didn't like that at first but I think after I brought up my arguments as to why it is a good thing to he appreciated it abit more.

My parents are still an issue.Jim has been coming up with e-mails on the spot to write and send to my father while I am taking my time.I've decided to write my father an e-mail now so my voice can be heard without any interruptions then we can talk about it over the phone.He won't listen to me if I do it any other way.I even came up with an outline as to what to mention and say.Approaching the conflict like an adult,right?I know I am 18 and I should do as I please but I would so much rather go about leaving peacefully rather than angrily and in a hurtful manner.I'm tired of the drama and this is my way of escaping it.If my father allows me to go to Canada and it is too late,I will go and work there til I am able to join the nursing program,maybe Jim and I will marry then.Or if I don't pass my classes of this semester I will redo the classes there or here over the summer.

Anyways,here's the outline:

-I don't want yelling or an argument out of this

-I know why he doesn't want me going and I respect that

-use quote: "I bought a framed saying that says, 'There are two things you give your children: One is roots and the other is wings.' That wasn't too easy to do, but you know what? When you give them their wings, I think they come back and they want to be around you. And that's what makes me happy."


-mention the good things about Canada :

-no wating for nursing course*


-can get in shape playing on ball team and going to gym

-nursing course shorter*

-meet new people and Jims family

-more intimate class environment*

-find out how much nursing course is at grossmont

-compare the nursing courses

-find out if you get immediate work placement at hospital*

-look up stats on the nursing course/education in Canada*

I hope it shows up right,if not,oh well.So if any of you want to keep in contact with me my MSN name is musicgoddess2001 and tell me what your AIM name is then I will add you to my list.Take care and much love!~Cherry~

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Mon, 03-31-2003 - 8:11am
Hey Cherry, now what do you mean board back to how it use to be. I'm seeing it daily that everyone is beginning to post more, we have new members coming by and staying, things here are fine. What do you think is still missing?
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Tue, 04-01-2003 - 4:06am
Hey Cherr, I wish things were just going smoothly instead of a roller coaster ride. But I suppose relationships have their ups and downs. Your parents seem very strict as far as not letting you move to Canada. However, you are a legal adult. I think they are just trying to look out for your best interest in their own way, or at least what they believe to be your best interest. I would go out of your way now to show them that you are responsible. For example, get a job, start paying bills and just simply becoming more independent. Your going to move out and away from them sooner or later, they just keep tightening the grasp on you thinking about it.

One question on the nursing thing, if you attended school in Canada would you have any problem with that liscense finding a position in the States? I don't see why not, but maybe something you would want to double check. Your outline looks great, almost makes me want to move to Canada for college. :)

Best of Luck Cherr, and keep posting your updates!



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