Nervous about meeting in person!

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Nervous about meeting in person!
Thu, 07-07-2011 - 9:48pm

Hey y'all!

I joined a site about three weeks ago and have communicated with a few guys. I'm actually still communicating with two, but one of them stands out! He

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Fri, 07-08-2011 - 7:30am

A first meet always makes me nervous. Not to the point of paralysis, but still nervous--why wouldn't you be? So, it's perfectly OK to be nervous--I'll bet the man is too, and perhaps he's better at hiding it.

Is this your first foray into OLD? If so, there is a little phenomenon that happens to most people, and that is when they meet in person, there is no spark, or the person just doesn't seem as appealing as they thought they would be. Of course there are also the stories of people totally misrepresenting themselves, using fake pictures, etc. But usually it's just garden variety disconnect. So it's always best to not get your hopes too high, to meet as soon as possible so you don't build up some fantasy about them.

I'm not sure how to tell you how to have more confidence if you tend to have low confidence. He's already interested. If you indeed look like your photos, then it's not like you're misrepresenting your looks. I've gotten to the point where I think of myself as quite a catch, and any man would be lucky to have me--and I really believe it. Not that I'm arrogant or an ice queen when I meet a man. Not at all. But just know that if it ends up that you meet and he's not interested, it may have nothing to do with your looks. And remember: you might not be attracted to him.

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Sat, 07-09-2011 - 9:32pm