Never a dull moment!

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Never a dull moment!
Mon, 09-27-2010 - 11:28pm

Online dating never ceases to amaze me!

About a week or so ago I meet a guy who asks at the end of the date if I'd like to go out again. I say sure! He emails the next day and says he had fun and would definitely like to set something up! I say sure, get ahold of me next week! aaaannnddd nothing! Not surprised, has happened before, will happen again :)

Then mid-last week a guy I've been 'email/IM buddies' with since way back last winter starts to send me a lot of notes, and asks if I want to meet. He lives a ways away (about 45 min.) so never really gave him too much consideration, to me that's long distance (lol). I just figured we'd be IM/email pals, and we never got into any long drawn out conversations, always been very light.

Anyway, all of a sudden he wants to meet! On Friday we set up plans to meet Sat. afternoon at a local festival taking place in a town in between us, so equal distance, about 20 min or so for both. The very next day he cancels in the morning, says he needs to take a raincheck, he 'forgot' his daughter & granddaughter were coming up from another state to help celebrate a family event.

All I said in my response was "how'd you forget all that?" He wrote back, "I didn't forget, I thought it was next weekend". I wrote back making a joke of it "lol, you need a calendar". On the one hand, it could be a lame excuse, on the other, it could be a legitimate slip of the mind. Neither bodes well for my point of view of him :) Especially since .....

that's it! Nothing since! You'd think he'd at least contact me to ask how the event went, or something (I went anyway, with my Mom). I mean, what's the point of asking me out after all this time, then cancelling right away?

I know, there IS no answer! Never is, guys are strange, it's all part of the weird world of online dating.

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Thu, 09-30-2010 - 3:16pm

I agree but it's the weird world of dating regardless of it being online. People are all so different and his forgetting might be legitimate but it's only important how that makes you feel. Your gut instinct will warn you efficiently to be cautious and as illustrated in your post you are in tune to that.