Nicole, Debbie! Hope we can talk again!

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Nicole, Debbie! Hope we can talk again!
Sun, 08-03-2003 - 12:52pm
Thanx so much guys...I needed that. I guess being long distance is harder than I thought it would be. I'm not wildly Jealous...even being the slighest bit jealous annoys me, simply because it annoys ME when others are jealous and I always trust people. I do go out every now and then. It's a little harder than usual because I just moved into the community and am recovering from surgery so making friends this time around has been a bit of a challenge. I try to keep myself really busy and up until now I never even thought twice about what he did. Another reason why I may be jealous is that he's older than me by a little bit. I'm 24 and he's 37. Before some people get in a huge fuss over the age difference...age is just a number to me. I don't care about that. But I suppose I'm just a little nervous he'll find some one more sophisticated and worldly than me. I mean I've only ever dated one other guy and for the last couple of months of being with that guy it was the relationship from hell! Later on I learned he had cheated on me. I never really thought it would affect me until now:). I don't expect him to just stay at home and pine over me. He's gone through that stage...I told him he had to go out and have some fun! So that's what he's doing:). I talked to him last night and everything went ok. I think he knows I get a tiny bit jealous every now and then. I would never get insanly jealous because I've seen what it does. Besides it's a sign of insecurity. You're all right though. It'll probably be better once we meet eachother in person...which should be in a couple of weeks. He's oringinally from the province I live in so he's going to visit relatives and friends and stuff and then come visit me. God, I hope everything goes as well as it does over the 'net. I think a lot of it has to do with just being confidant. Like Debbie said when you've met some one suddenly you become super flirt because suddenly you get this confidence. I think he was just trying to be nice to the woman. I felt like such and idiot for feeling that way...but I suppose it's natural. Especially if you're not there to see the interaction for yourself. I probably wouldn't have even noticed anything unusual. Just two people talking. But I hope everything works out for both of you. Debbie, I'm so happy you're engaged...that is totally rockin'! Have you decided when the big day is? I'm curious simply because even though I like to think I'm sort of cynical with this stuff I always hope it happens to me and when it happens to other people I get so happy and excited because it means it's possible for me too! One come you guys don't just move in together? Well, besides the fact that you probably both have really good jobs where you live and such And Nicole...good luck with your Canuck:). Where is he from? Anyway...I hope to talk to you both another time...whether it's to vent or just to talk...hope to talk to you soon!

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Sun, 08-03-2003 - 1:24pm
Glad I could help! Meeting someone online who is also far away adds a different dimension to the relationship - changes the 'rules' a little, I think. If you ever want to talk, my email is

I'm glad to hear that you are totally aware of your feelings and working on them. As far as the age difference, don't worry about it. Kelly is almost 10 years older than me, but sometimes acts younger! ;) He is actually more worried about the age than me - keeps thinking I may find some younger guy. But he really knows that I don't want anyone else.

As far as my relationship - thanks for the congratulations! I am really excited and impatient to move. I would move today, but I really need to finish this project at work (I'm in Vancouver, BC) and since he is in Hawaii in the Navy, he can't move right now. I should be finished in December though, so if everything works out I should be moving to Hawaii in January. We are planning on getting married soon after I move there - it will be just the two of us on a beach somewhere.

And I was definitely cynical about this thing just like you. I keep telling him that I never planned on getting married and I'm still not used to this thing on my finger! ;) But hey, if it can happen to me, it can definitely happen to anyone!


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Sun, 08-03-2003 - 5:28pm
I am happy to hear that my little rambling helped you a bit. Always good to talk to people in the same situation I guess. We are very open about everything here but if you ever feel like talking about anything you don't want to post officially feel free to email me directly at

Sounds good that the two of you are already planning a personal meeting. How far are you away from each other? I have understood you are both Canadians but because your wonderful country is that big that must not mean you are in driving distance, right? For example I had to learn that my whole little Germany may fit into just Ontario and even then there would still be some areas uncovered ;-)

So my Canuck is from Ontario, Toronto area (have been there about 3 weeks ago and loved it!) and I can say he is the most amazing guy I met in my whole life. He simply always knows what's just right to say in a certain moment. I am not jealous (have never been and don't think I will ever be) but I have another problem which already kicked me out of another relationship before. I can be quite complicated from time to time, e.g. simply stop talking to him when I don't like something. You can imagine that's difficult over the phone but by now he has always managed to get me out of that mood very easily. I feel so comfortable having him in my life and I just hope we will get trough the next months without seeing each other. By now it is planned that he will come over and meet me in Europe by the end of September which is not too far away but.....

Good to have you here!


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Mon, 08-04-2003 - 9:23pm
Good job ladies. Way to be supportive and pair for extra support. Sniff, sniff. I am so proud. lol