Ok, so we "clicked"...

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Ok, so we "clicked"...
Mon, 05-26-2003 - 10:10am
I "met" this guy at Matchmaker yesterday, and we ended up chatting by Yahoo for more than 2 hours yesterday. Funny guy, and easy to talk to...

So the next step was - I Googled him. Now unless there are two guys who live in the same city, and have the same face, have the same first and last name and were born the same year - this guy is a famous writer, who wrote 6 books (including an award-winning novel) and tons of articles, a professional speaker around the world. OK, maybe I am just a little in awe! {smile}

I don't know if anything will come of this, but this is the first guy I have had any real interest in meeting IRL (and that was before I Googled him). Hopefully he is not simply researching an article on online dating!

~*~ Catherine

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Mon, 05-26-2003 - 11:28am
That is fantastic!

I wish you the best of luck with him. Chances are, if he chatted with you for 2 hours than he has a definite interest.

Keep us posted!


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Mon, 05-26-2003 - 12:12pm
That's great.. Even if he is doing research doesn't mean he will not find someone to click with. I mean I have met some great people that way. Many times being the host of this board I have done research on dating services by putting up ads. Doing so with no intention of meeting people and have met great people even dated some. So it may still work out. Keep us posted on how things go.


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Mon, 05-26-2003 - 2:40pm
How cool! However, I would urge you to meet in person ASAP...I can't tell you how many times I felt a connection with someone on email and phone calls, only to have it disappear when we met in person (or more accurately, it never existed...we just *thought* it did!). I no longer waste my time with long IMs or emails before meeting.


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Mon, 05-26-2003 - 11:26pm
Yeh, those writers are usually very interesting folks. I always love when I get to meet a fellow writer. Be careful, he may not be what you think. Just keep talking and ask him if you get curious. Anyone you meet, should be honest with you totally. About their job and everything. Just take your time and get to know him. You never know. If all esle fails, maybe you could be a character in his next novel! WOW! lol Goodluck to you, Catherine.


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Tue, 05-27-2003 - 10:50am
I totally agree and while the author thing is very interesting/unique it would have no relevance to me unless we clicked in person.
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Tue, 05-27-2003 - 8:38pm
Sounds cool Catherine :) Hope it works out and let us know if you're going to meet up with him :)