online dating is making me want to quit dating altogether

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online dating is making me want to quit dating altogether
Sat, 12-24-2011 - 1:00pm

I'm somewhat new to online dating and was wondering what's normal for a first date? I have had about 3 dinners with guys I didn't hit it off with, I decided to give one guy a second chance because I thought maybe the chemistry would be there if we weren't nervous but I didn't feel it after date #2 and he kept trying to get me to come watch a movie with him so I ended up e-mailing him and telling him I didn't know if I felt a connection and good luck dating.

After that I took a little break but my match subscription is about to end so I figured I would give it another chance and picked three guys to e-mail.

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SO youve had, like, 7 dates and you are ready to quit online dating?

Some of us have been doing this for YEARS.

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Sorry, my phone posted before I was done

...through OLD before, and it didn't go anywhere. I met my bf of two years online and the chemistry was much slower to develop, but when it did it was awesome. There was a time between our second and third dates that we were texting and he tried to get me to come over late in the evening. I just said no, stood my ground. I wasn't comfortable with that yet. I don't think it meant he was just looking for a quick hookup since we're still together after two years and all. I think when a guy likes you he just wants to be with you, and if he still wants to see you after you turn him down like that then he may be interested in more than sex.
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I have had instant chemistry on dates I met through O
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I spent four years doing OLD and did not find a boyfriend. However, I did learn a thing or two.

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Yes, it is possible to have chemistry on the first date.

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I think that considering the fact that on OLD you are going on a date w/ someone you don't really know at all, it's more likely that you won't feel initial chemistry than for someone you met IRL.

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You can't give up your dreams....I spent a few years pursuing online dating and yes I felt chemistry with a few men but none worked out. I won't give up my dream I just know that there are other ways of going about it.

Make sure you aren't trying too hard. Sometimes with OLD we have a tendency to pursue people who aren't healthy or local. Make sure you're looking for the right type of guy.

Good luck!!