Oops! Need to update re. clever response

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Oops! Need to update re. clever response
Thu, 10-30-2003 - 3:40pm
I just logged into the dating site I use. I didn't notice yesterday but just now I saw that M. actually did view my profile. (The site lets you know who viewed your profile and includes the date and time). He viewed it the same time that he sent the email.

I re-read his message and suddenly remembered that when we spoke on the phone he asked if my photos were recent. I said that they were only a couple of months old but that I had recently lightened my hair and added blonde highlights to my naturally dark brown hair. He asked if I frequently change my hair colour and I said that I change it a few times a year. That could explain the content of his email (i.e. "Are you blonde or brunette?").

So now I'm thinking that maybe he was making a genuine attempt to reconnect but was just clumsy about it. (BTW I haven't responded to him yet).

And...I must confess, many months ago I exchanged emails with someone. The next day I saw that he changed his online photo. While I was online I noticed that he was too so I sent a message and said, "I like the new photo." The guy reamed me out for being shallow and only being interested in his physical appearance. That was not my intention but that was his interpretation. So I guess this is another example why emails/messaging are not the best methods of communication for online dating


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