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Wed, 06-04-2003 - 12:49pm
I got this one from a convo I had with my best pal lastnight. She was waiting on a call from a potential date and he called leaving her a message on her machcine, but did not include his number. He said he would try back, but she has his number from the caller id. She decided to wait for him to call back, but I thought maybe he just forgot to include his number and she should call. SO, my question is different from our discussion.

***Do you believe in the 48 hour rule?

When you get someone's number, do you call right away, or wait 48 hours. lol Ya know like in the movie "Swingers", with Vince Vaughn. "You are so money, baby if you can wait 48 hours!" lol I think you should wait between 24 and 48. Anywhere in there is good. lol If you call too soon, you could be considered a stalker, then if you wait too long, you are not really interested.

So, my pal and I, decided if the guy doesnt call back within the week, he is dead date. lol So, answer if you like, but it was just a nice thought. It was either this one, or what are your thoughts on, "Spontaneous Internal Combustion"!! LOL LOL I chose the other question. lol

Gail :)

P.S. Getting ready to move is going well. My pal, is coming out this weekend to help me shop for a washer and dryer. SO, we are going to use the idea about buy now, pay later, or we have several used appliance shops we are checking out. So, all in all, things are going well!! 26 days til I move in!! WOO HOO

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Wed, 06-04-2003 - 4:02pm
I wait, never knew there was a rule to it. Just how I am, I wait for a few days, especially if it is a workday. I almost always try to wait till the weekend.
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Wed, 06-04-2003 - 11:03pm
Well, when I get someone's number from the internet (because I won't give out mine) I might call right away if I have the time and I know he is around - outside of that situation, I will not call at all if a man gives me his number and asks me to call - but doesn't take my number or says he will call. If I meet a man and give him my number it is fine if he calls the next day - as long as it is only once and he gives me time to get back to him. If I am interested in someone I will typically call back within 24 hours but not right away.
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Thu, 06-05-2003 - 8:39am
I agree with the 24-48 hour rule. Aside from all the "rules" about dating, we should make the moves when we feel comfortable. I'm all about the comfort zone! If you don't want to call, then don't call. Since the guy didn't leave his number, I would wait for him to call back. My sister was a firm believer in "a girl should never call a boy" ideal until she met her husband. Then all the rules went out the window. If it is meant to be, then it will be.


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Fri, 06-06-2003 - 1:05pm
Rules, hmmm. I guess I sort of had rules now when I think of it. I'd never ask a guy who I didn't know well, for his number. If some guy I just met gave me his number, I may accept it but wouldn't call him. I'd never offer my number. If I got his number sort of by accident like your friend did, I would not call him. Hmmm...this is starting to sound like I never speak on the phone not to mention never having a date! lol

Seriously though, there's a method to this madness lol. I'd want to be pursued, so I wouldn't ask or offer my number. I also think that if a guy wants to connect, he'll ask you for YOUR number and then perhaps offer his.

It's always worked for me and I don't feel like I ever missed the boat or anything, my best connections were with those that called within a day or two at the most. I also never stressed wondering if a guy's going to call or not, dating is supposed to be fun not stressful!

As far as rules for returning calls, given that we've exchanged numbers, I'd call back just as soon as I could as a matter of courtesy.

Jayecey :)