Quiz: Are you ready to settle down?

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Quiz: Are you ready to settle down?
Fri, 05-30-2003 - 4:45pm
Fixated on hunting down a marriage-minded men? Or are you so anti-committment that the word "engagement" makes you gag? Test your couple cravings with this quiz.


***This was what mine said:

"Commitment-Friendly Chic"

Here comes the... babe. You're not desperate to lock up a commitment with a guy and dont look at your engaged friends with "Wh isnt it me?" envy. Sure, you love being part of a cozy duo, but you are cook hanging solo between relationships.

Your confidence (guy or no guy) gives you perspective in the dating game, says Nabncy Rosenbach, Ph.D., a psychologist in New York City and Long Island. "You dont drop everything in your life- like hobbies, your friends or evenother men you're casually seeing-when a promising guy enters the picture. "You're also carful to keep your romances in the present tense. So no matter how excited you are after the first month of great dinners/conversation/sex, you'll resist the urget to press him for a commitment talk or start scanning wedding magazines. "Your attitude is 'Why rush? Things are great right now'", says Rosenbach. As a result, your relationships unfold naturally and have a better chance of working out in the long run.


Gail (happy with my results!)

P.S. Keep in mind too, I am divorced, so it is natural for me to be in this mindset. I have done the married thing and need my time be free for a while. I am in no hurry to walk down that aisle again. No matter how perfect the guy is. Personally, the ideal mate for me is someone who shares the living together forever philosophy. Marriage is just a piece of paper, it is in your heart that you are truly married for life. :)

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Fri, 05-30-2003 - 5:40pm
Commitment-Friendly Chick

I got the same....and I answered honestly too and so it feels right...No hurry to get hitched and settled and yet not against commitment..Just need that perfect guy...perfect for me:)

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Fri, 05-30-2003 - 5:40pm
heres another divorced 'commitment friendly chick' :-D


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Sat, 05-31-2003 - 4:59am
i got same result: "Commitment-Friendly Chic"

Taking time b4 i dive...but hope ill dive in good waters...lol


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Sat, 05-31-2003 - 7:34pm
Mine was right for me, right now I do not want to lose my independence. On most of my personal ads that is in the first sentence. Independent mom of 1.... I currently have an exclusive sex partner that understands if he or I date someone it is a no go and were open and honest about everything. Actually, over the past two years he has became a great friend and we've even talked of dating but I am apprehensive on that one, lol. I just need time I know...

Free-Agent Femme

Yeah, yeah, finding your soul mate (or just a full-time playmate) isn't everyone's Holy Grail, but the fact that you're gun-shy to move past the casual-dating stage points to a deeper issue. "You may be commitmentphobic because you made yourself vulnerable to someone in the past and got hurt," says Nancy Rosenbach, Ph.D., a psychologist in New York City and Long Island. "Or you could be afraid that being in a relationship means you'll lose your independence."

How to expand your mind-set: Stop being so cynical, says Shielagh Shusta-Hochberg, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist in New York City. Just because your last big relationship tanked doesn't mean future ones won't fly. And if a guy wants to introduce you to his close friends or family or take you somewhere special for the weekend or gets emotional in bed -- go with it. (It's not like he's whipping out a ring and padlocking it to your finger!) And ditch the idea that exclusive equals trapped. "If you take risks to keep a relationship exciting while still carving out time for your interests," says Rosenbach, "being with one guy won't seem like a sacrifice but a bonus to your life."