Relationship/Dating Stages

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Relationship/Dating Stages
Mon, 07-14-2003 - 9:09am
I know different people might have different answers to this question but i'm curious as to what people think are the different stages to dating. Is hanging out before dating, is a relationship after dating or is dating a relationship. What exactly is the difference between 'dating' and being in a relationship with someone....? With online connections are there more stages than traditional relationships? I'm looking forward to hearing everyones opinions.


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Mon, 07-14-2003 - 11:40am
WEll, I would say while you are getting to know someone, you are just friends. When, and if you become intimate there needs to be guidelines set up to see where you both stand. As in, are you only sleeping with that one person and are you two in a relationship or is this friends with benefits. There needs to be an establishment of boundaires up front. As in, what am I looking for verses what are you looking for. Do you both share the same feelings is first, and then hopefully with all honesty one can move to the next level of committment. Now, if someone is not honest throughout the entire process it can cause confusion on both ends of the spectrum. SO, with honesty both people can move through the get to know you stage, to the courting stage, to the committment stage. So, I would say there are three stages and possibly a 4th depending on the type of relationship it is. lol

SO, we have phase 1: Get to know you, share feelings, is there chemistry

Phase 2: Are we exclusive, and begin dating regularly

Phase 3: Is there intimacy and if so, where are we at with it in the relationship, as in we are only sleeping with each other

Phase 4: in hopes that everything was covered in the other phases, we are committed at this point.

Phase 5: if you want to conclude this to be, move in or get married, which ever you prefer. I would include this phase 4. lol

My idea of dating. Now, on line is totally different. lol Meet as soon as you can but what if like mark and I, you dont meet until 5 or 6 months down the road. Well, you have to start in Phase 1 automatically. In person, is the beginning, but it can speed the phases up when knowing someone on line first. SO, you might have Phase 1-3 all in one whop! lol Im a nut. I know.