Reminder--Everyone please read!

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Reminder--Everyone please read!
Tue, 08-26-2003 - 6:02pm
Please read the following reminders and tips:

Debate/opinions. It is always OK to voice your views and opinions on a topic. Please do so in a way that it does not belittle others' viewpoints or insult other members. All posts such as this will be removed and actioned.

Remember that everyone is different. They will have different viewpoints, personalities and posting styles. If you do not like the posting style of another member and their posts are upsetting to you, simply ignore them. You can put them on ignore by clicking on the 'ignore posts' link located in the left hand column of the post.

If you feel a post is in violation of iVillage's Terms of Service, please report the post and then ignore it. By replying to the upsetting post, you are furthering the disruption, risking violating our Terms of Service yourself and making more work for me ;)

By ignoring a problem and reporting it, the board will run much more smoothly.

Thank you all!



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