Same OLD Profiles after 2 yrs!!

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Same OLD Profiles after 2 yrs!!
Fri, 08-07-2009 - 9:47am

I recently sat and perused all of the Online dating sites,(Match,Yahoo,LSC...) after nearly 2 yrs offline- (I met a great guy and sadly after 1.5 yrs its done,) so when i decided to peek, i couldn't believe that a lot of the guys i saw and may have emailed with, back in 2007 were STILL on there, with the same pics, same profile description, same everything. There was the exception of one guy who added new pics over the last year, but kept his Older better looking pic as default. I couldnt understand it cuz im saying... are they THAT much of a loser that they still havent found anyone? Its not like they arent active either, and granted I know they may be dating while continuing to hold onto their profile, but i just found it sad.

And in my quest for the New, I couldn't get over what sad pickings there is in my preference group. I mean come on, age 45 isn't Elderly by any means! Whats with the totally grey hair and I dont just mean Salt&Pepper which i find attractive. Im talking like full head of Grey hair or 3/4 bald head and the 1/4 left is grey,grandpa shirts some of these guys were wearing, 49 yr old's with the backwards caps and black sunglasses...? What happened to a nice decent warm inviting picture that shows a sincere smile. I love the ones who dont smile and Glare at the camera aka Mugshot pose and expect to make a great impression on a dating site...every time I saw one of those I couldn't stop thinking of the 50 ways he could kill me and secretly dispose of my remains with no one ever being the wiser, LOL. I'm sorta scared now to even use OLD anymore, either that or change my entire preference in men, LOL.

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Fri, 08-07-2009 - 11:26am

"... are they THAT much of a loser that they still havent found anyone? "

Ouch. I will have been online two years in November. I was on twice before briefly since 2003. I have, however, regularly updated my pics and profile. But, I don't consider myself a loser: I just haven't met the right one yet. And, I see guys online that were online back in 2003!

I'm 55 and I live in a medium-sized metro area, so there really aren't that many to choose from. But, I don't meet that many men IRL, so that's why I continue.

I'm not sure what you find so unappealing about gray hair? Or baldness? I think a lot of bald guys are very sexy, especially when they shave it. I have totally gray hair myself, but I color it. Men don't really have that option.

But yes, I find that a lot of men my age look really, really old and don't know how to dress or smile for the camera. Or they're just tremendously overweight, or redneck-y.

Hopefully you'll meet someone in real life and won't have to resort to OLD.

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Fri, 08-07-2009 - 1:16pm

Sorry...I guess Loser was alittle harsh, but Im saying its odd that they are still up with the same profiles, updating is something that should be done after 2 yrs.

As for Grey hair, I feel with the mens products that are out there, alittle coloring could be done to minimize, the same way I touch up my greys, lol. I dunno, dont take me too much to task here, I guess I was just venting alittle. Having to start over at this age is alittle daunting, confusing and nerve wracking.

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Fri, 08-07-2009 - 8:11pm

I agree with the previous post that two years doesn't strike me as a particularly long time to be "looking." During that time, a typical person (male or female) would probably have had first, second and further dates, but it doesn't

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Sun, 08-09-2009 - 11:18pm

Geez. I was off and on for SEVEN years before meeting my boyfriend - guess I'm a loser. But I did hang on long enough to find someone I'm madly in love with.

Some of us just take longer than others and there's NOTHING wrong with that. It doesn't make us losers.

I can't really comment on the age range, but I know there are some decent guys in their early 40's online.

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Sun, 08-09-2009 - 11:46pm

I have been on and off various dating sites for more than two years now. I don't always keep an active profile (sometimes I'm fed up) and I make a lot of changes on my profile, but it's still me.

I would imagine that someone who saw your profile two years ago and came back now might not know that you were out of circulation for a year and a half, so they might say "same old profile" about you too.

On the other hand, I do agree that there are a lot of people out there who don't update their profiles and it definitely makes them look like losers.

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Tue, 08-11-2009 - 12:49pm

Seems like where you live would make a big difference on how quickly you'd meet new people. I live in one of the biggest cities in this country and a guy with the SAME profile since 2007 would concern me a little. I would just find a guy with a better But in a smaller town or city, I'd probably give an old profile more of a chance. It depends on the age of the guys too. Guys in their thirties or younger have less of an excuse...they should know how to operate a digital camera and take new pictures and update profiles way more often.

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Tue, 08-11-2009 - 1:41pm

I am 56 and been dating on and off since my divorce 10 yrs ago.

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Wed, 08-12-2009 - 7:37am

Personally, I think you pose some interesting questions.

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So well articulated, Tewey.