Should I post a Photo?

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Should I post a Photo?
Thu, 09-18-2003 - 6:11pm

I am on and think my profile is well written and good overall. I rarely get any responses..and I know one of the main reasons is I do not have a photo posted. I state in my ad I will forward one, but I still think it wards guys off. When I send them my photos, they usually respond favorably.

What do you think?

I do not have any great photos of me. And I do not have access to a digital camera. ANy suggestions? Should I get a throwaway one and have some one take the entire camera of me, then I can pick one or two?

How did you go about this?

I am a little wary about posting a photo...I do not know why.


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Thu, 09-18-2003 - 6:39pm
Definitely post a picture of yourself. Men are very visual, many of them only search profiles with photos only. I was wary too, but I got alot more responses that way.

Yes, buy a disposable camera and have someone take various photos. I took about 30 with my digital camera and came to like only 2! You will find a pic you like.

Good luck!

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Fri, 09-19-2003 - 4:30am
I would suggest to post a picture as well. I think we could all agree that looks are not everything nevertheless they are important and to a certain extend decisive about sympathy or non-sympathy. Even if you get more information in an online profile than you would get in a bar or somewhere at least a little impression how the person behind the lines look is more than helpful from my point of view. Think about how you search within the men's profiles yourself, do you not give more attention to the ones with pictures?

A disposable camera seems like a good idea to me, you can get a picture CD afterwards and simply post a picture on the profile then and have some more available in case you start closer conatct to soembody. There are a few free picture editing programs available on the net as well. Also a good idea to get one of these because then even if you have a picture you like (on the CD later) which has the wrong dimensions or so, you can simply cut out your head part or so and just post that. Don't worry, it's really easy and mostly self-explaining. I did not have any knowlwdge about stuff like that myself not so long ago and now I have just created a complete picture book as a gift for my boyfriend who will come over to visit me for a week in Germany next Wednesday.

Good luck with, great people available there!