should I try again?

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should I try again?
Sat, 01-04-2014 - 4:24pm

Ok, so I met this guy online. I am 35 and he is 22. anyway we worked out meeting up (someplace public of course) tonite but like every guy, you give an inch, and they want to u know so after some light flirting a couple nites ago he sent "the pic" but thank goodness there was a towel involved as well lol, and he even sent right after he sent it that he was sorry if I thought it was inappropriate and was really cool and understanding when I basically told him and was honest, saying I dont like to get into thie heavy stuff before meeting someone but after he said he was sorry that nite, I didnt text him back till the next day since I honestly was reconsidering meeting him at that point; I know he apologized for sending it but the fact of the matter is he still sent it and I have learned before when guys send pics like this they are only out for one thing, plus he is 22 and I'm 35 so can I realistically think he is wanting more than that? which wouldnt be a bad thing either ;) but then the age thing gets me wondering again if this is the best age to have a fling with. anyway I decided yesterday to text him back and told him apology accepted. he texted right back thanking me for accepting. since then he hasnt texted again (tho neither have I) so i'm wondering if i should leave it be since it is such an age gap too or take the initiative and text him again and maybe see where this goes?

any thoughts?