So there's this guy...

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So there's this guy...
Fri, 07-11-2003 - 11:19am
Not online, but...

Bit of a back-story, Walter is a guy at the post office that I had a bit of a crush on a few months back. Then after months of him showing interest but seeming so shy, I asked one of the other guys if Walter was married, and was told he was. Fine, I left him alone.

The next time I saw Walter, he practically hid from me, and escaped to the back room as soon as he could. Too bad, I thought, I would have been willing to just be friends, but his loss...

Well, this week, I was at the post office twice, and he was there both times. The first day I got served by one of the other guys and I made a point of completely ignoring Walter. Well, today I am waiting in line and the guy in front of me is still at the counter when Walter looks at me and smiles. OK, I smile back.

Then Walter motions me to come forward. Now the guy is front of me is a old friend of Walter's, he talked to Walter loudly and happily and asked about each other's kids. So I don't know why Walter is having me come up before the guy is even done???

Anyhow, I step forward and ask for my money orders. But the guy isn't done and asks some questions and needs Walter's help with the XpressPost envelope he bought. So I step aside and let him finish. But Walter keeps looking over at me every few minutes, smiling!?

So finally it is really my turn, and we are just business. But I am my usually smiling, maybe a bit flirty self - guess I can't help it! {grin} When he gives me my change, again he makes a point of touching my hand, and again for longer than necessary!

When I am done and already starting to turn away, he asks if I am still going to the gym. I admit that I've not been as good about going lately and that it's been hard in the summer, as I've been so busy. He wants to keep talking, even though the next customer has already stepped up and is trying to talk to him. So I am embarrassed and confused at this point, and rush to finish talking and walk away.

I've been thinkin on what happened, and that was pre-meditated! If he hadn't called me early, I would have gone to the other counter guy. But when the other counter guy finished with all the customers in the line, he normally would have called me over, saying he could help since Walter wasn't done. But instead the other counter guy started wandering around, looking busy but not really doing anything. It almost seemed like they had it planned. But I didn't realize that until later.

Why is he doing this? Why do I still get all flustered when I am around him? It was so bad that I got out of the car at my next stop and locked the door without even turning off the ignition or taking the key! (Fortunately I carry a spare in my purse!)

I know how hard it must have been for him when the other guys started teasing him about my interest. I never should have trusted his friends to tell me the truth. They torment each other all day long, I have seen them in action and it can be scary!

I had assumed Walter was at least previously married, possibly divorced. Walter is in his late 40's, and the kids in question are young adults. I wish I had paid more attention to their conversation at the time, but I do recall he mentioned daughters and the jobs they now had. The friend did not inquire about a wife in his catching up.

Unless his friend was lying, Walter is still married, but he really doesn't seem like a jerk. I have met so many lately that my "radar" is pretty high for jerks! I will never be able to trust blindly. I always go with my gut feeling as I have met so many crazy, needy, draining, manipulative people over the years. Having been hurt in the past, I will now turn and walk away from anyone that sets off my radar. That's what confuses me, because he never has. He continues to come across as honest, gentle, and sincere. Rare qualities nowadays and probably what attracts me.

What am I supposed to do now???

~*~ Catherine

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Fri, 07-11-2003 - 11:59am
Catherine, my need some lovin! lol Anytime a man does those things to you, you need some sex. lol I have had this happen many times. Get all flustered, cant talk, cant walk. I have walked into walls, after talking to hot guys or guys i know that normally to do things for

Well, I would say make a few more trips to the Post Office, and get the scoop on him. If he is married. NO way! If he isnt, well you know what happens next. lol

Now, married men flirt just as much as single guys do, maybe more. lol So, just be careful of that tid bit. Goodluck anywho!!!


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Fri, 07-11-2003 - 1:31pm
My general rule - if a guy is interested, available and emotionally stable he will ask me out on a proper date. Anything else is irrelevant and a waste of my time to even think about for a second.