Starting next week..............

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Starting next week..............
Wed, 06-25-2003 - 10:17am
Marie and I would like to start doing things daily on the board. For example, "Manic Monday", "Tuesday twos", and so on.... IF you are interested in participating, please let us know by posting ideas for fun questions, or topics we can discuss. If you dont think doing questions, polls and discussions on a daily basis would be a good idea, please let us know as well. From the data gathered from the "how often you are on the board" poll, it would be better to do a daily fun idea, since most of us are on the board, Monday through Friday. Personally, I would hope everyone would join in our daily fun, but if you cant for whatever reason or it just takes too long to post answers and info, I understand. It would help to keep everyone involved and make the board a fun place to visit on a more daily basis. So, tell one, tell all. Starting Monday,for all who want to join in the fun, we will post messages and such daily!! Let us know what you think below and any ideas are most welcome!!!!

Gail :)