Taking a Breather...

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Taking a Breather...
Wed, 04-23-2003 - 10:51am
Hey Everyone:

Well I finally figured out that I wasn't scaring him away. IT was just my subconsious messing with me trying to find away put of liking this new guy so much. You know it was reminding me of all the BS I have been through with men even the older ones and the long distance ones. No CJ and I have not decided to go "steady" but the feelings are there. He has told me fromt he beginning that he has been feeling and really feels like I am girlfriend material. He has even told me a couple of times that I am wifey material.

But I have decided just for my own sanity and mindset, to take a breather from him. I have only talked to him twice in the past few days and that was for only for 10 mins. We both have been real busy and everything. So I am trying to wait until the weekend to call him. I had sent him an email asking him when did want to meet me if he still did. So hopefully by the weekend he will let me know something about that or even if he wanna continue this "thing" we have going on.

So do you all think this is a wise thing to do?

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Wed, 04-23-2003 - 11:31am
Yes, it is wise to take a breather from anything weighing our minds. I have decided to take a breather from worrying so much about Mark as well. He is having some trouble traveling when we planned for him to visit and it does stress me out, just a little. SO, I have, like you decided to take a few days to simply ponder a bit on the whole LDR. I am not saying you should give up, by any means. Simply take a step back, and maybe you will see something you didnt see before. Goodluck sweetie. You are a smart woman.