Things to do online together

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Things to do online together
Thu, 08-21-2003 - 11:33am
First off I am new to this board. So wanted to say hi to everyone :)

I am involved in an online relationship. We met on a online game in March 2003 and hit it off right away and well since then it has been awesome.

Only problem is that I live in Boston and he lives in Canada. The game we met on has kind of gotten boring and we need new exciting ways to spend time together other then the obvious irl meetings. Neither on of us have ever been married so there is nothing to get in our way of happiness. He is atm looking at relocating to here so that can be together all the time, until then we need ways to spend time together – romantic ones would be nice also. Phones call get rather expensive but are nice, and instant messenger is not a specials.

Thanks for any ideals you can provide

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Thu, 08-21-2003 - 11:44am
Welcome to our board!!!! I have some great ideas for you!!!

OK, on yahoo messenger, and I am sure it can be done on the other various messengers as well, but there is a doodle environment that can be chosen through certain options on your IM box. Then, you two can have real time together and write things and draw hearts to show how you feel. It is something fun you can do. Then, the games on yahoo are pretty fun too, not sure where you two met or what you play, but there is some great WIn, Lose, oR Draw sort of games on yahoo. Check that out with him if you have not already.

NOw, for something more romantic, if you two have webcams, you could both be on line and have wine together, or even goes as far as lighting candles for the occasion and lowering the lights a bit to set the mood right. Watch a movie together while on line and type comments as you go. Listen to music together, and dance around the room with him. This is all if you have a webcam. IF you don't, then you both should seriously think about getting one. lol

Other than that, there is just not a whole lot you can without being in person. SO, I wish you the best in all you to do with or without each other. Keep us posted!~!


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Thu, 08-21-2003 - 2:29pm
Hi there and welcome!

Well, my boyfriend is in Canada as well but I am in Germany so you see, it can always be worse ;-) In fact we are dealing with that quite well, of course our phone bills are high but once he starts complaining about that I just let him know what it would have cost if we have been out for dinner dates all the time we have been on the phone!

What we do sometimes next to phone, emails and IM is long-distance-dating, e.g. go out to the movies as simultaneously as possible and then come back home and talk about the movie as if we would have seen it together. Whenever we find live coverage of a sports event in both of our countries we watch it "together" while being on the phone. We had even gone that far that we were eating the same chips during watching Formula One so that we could pretend we are sharing them!

Nevertheless, that's all nothing against being together in person and I really look forward to the day when I will be able again to hold, feel and kiss him. Nothing compares to the Rob in Flesh and Blood! He has not done his booking now but we are checking on air fares in the moment and I still hope he will make it over here in the third week of September.


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Thu, 08-21-2003 - 9:15pm
I have one suggestion. It's using the phone but I know how long distance calls can be expensive. Is there some way either of you can get some sort of long distance plan? Using the phone gives you lots of stuff to do, even though your miles apart. I listen to music with my guy. You could watch movies over the phone in "When Harry met Sally" AND as a bonus you get to hear what his voice is like:)! Good Luck!

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Sat, 08-23-2003 - 12:04am
Hi and welcome to our board,

since online games can become boring why not try to make some lil romantic personal gifts and send it to him, let your creative side do the work and i'm 100% sure he will love it, Trust me i have done it already since my honey is in MI and i'm here in Philippines. Gail and Nicole's suggestions are good too..

People in LDR's should try to make it exciting just like any other kind of relationships, find ways to sustain that, so i'm sharing you this site which i love and where i can find some ideas and i hope it can help you too..And always keep us updated about u, why not introduce your name & your SO here and share your stories with us. Would love to hear from you too, you can also participate in our daily fun down there..

here's the link to the site if u want to check it out:

Hope that helps and posts more often. HAve a wonderful weekend.

~~ Jen :D