"too shy" to call?

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"too shy" to call?
Sun, 05-09-2010 - 3:56pm

Hey all,

Been corresponding with this guy from match since 4/22 (just over 2 weeks), has not asked me for my number or anything of that nature. So, last Wednesday (5/5), I decide to give him my number and say "if you want, maybe we could talk on the phone sometime".

The next day he says he would "love to call", how is Friday night (5/7)? Well, I didn't hear from him Friday night via phone, but he wrote me on Saturday afternoon (5/8) saying "I wanted to call you last night but I didn't want to bother you. I am kind of shy so maybe we could plan a night for me to call?"

He does say he is shy in his profile, but we've been conversing for awhile (usually by 2 weeks, I'm planning on meeting the person). Also, he initiated contact on match--so he wasn't "too shy" to send an email but now he wants me to help him "plan a night" for him to call?!?

I'm starting to think HJNTI me....whaddya all think?




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Thu, 05-13-2010 - 6:25pm
Yes< I agree with that also...he thinks he could call at that time, but then can't so he uses the shyness as an excuse.