trying to figure out if I screwed up?

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trying to figure out if I screwed up?
Sun, 11-29-2009 - 9:06pm

ok.. so just trying to figure out what this guy is thinking..

We met online, he pursued me and finally I gave in and gave him my number. When we actually chatted, he was by far the best out of the few guys I have dated to chat with, and we hadn't met up until earlier last week. When we finally did, we got along great.. there were a few embarrassing moments before we left on my part, swore into the phone when I was trying to stop a call that was to him that was meant to be a text, blackberry dialed him. He heard me and said it was OK, then later when we were chatting he asked how I was going, I said better because I had eaten.. he asked if I was diabetic and I said no.. then I found salsa on my phone, and we had a laugh over it. When I went to meet him, a drop of water fell straight into my eye and I couldn't see walking into the wine bar..we after all that seemed to have a good time.

That was a Monday, Tuesday he called we chatted and he set up a date for later on the weekend. I said call me later in the week, he said 'you have my number too', so far to date he has made all of the contact. So I called him on Thursday, had a good conversation. Saturday morning I got a 'good morning princess' text, I hit call by accident and then text a 'morning sunshine' to him, didn't hear from him later in the day, so I texted "how is your day going? boys night tonight?" he responded back saying he was playing with his new tv.. we later played phone tag to chat about later that night (he had a boys night, but we were set up to catch up later, if I was free). He called later that night, I was free so he came to my place.. we hung out, chatted, watched tv and had a good make out session.. he then left and this seemed good. I did mention to him my phone dials people sometimes with out me knowing...

After he left I thought awesome I'll let him call.. and to my dismay, the next morning (this morning) my phone got stuck under my computer while I was working and dialed him number 3 times. I freaked out and sent him text saying 'sorry, wasn't trying to call you, my phone got stuck under my computer and dialed you. I suck with this phone'. I am now worried I've killed what ever was going to be.. not sure if he will believe that but it was the truth, and it's now evening and it happened this morning and I have heard nothing... I'm not going to call but I would just love some type of thought on this.. am I being crazy and blowing this out of proportion or should I just expect him to not call.. and move onto other... (which will suck)...

Thank you for reading and hopefuly putting my mind at ease..

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Sun, 11-29-2009 - 9:15pm

You already posted about this, why start a new post?

If a guy's gonna judge you negatively based on what happened, is that a guy