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~~* Unique Dating Service*~~
Tue, 09-02-2003 - 3:03am
Saw Oprah Show couple of weeks ago and their topic is about dating and there is this one dating service they recommended. If you're near NYC maybe u already know about this cafe, the DRIPCafe which offers coffee and dating service at the same time. Sounds interesting ha.. you enter their coffee shop not just to have a coffee but they can arrange or get you a date isn't that cool?

Would you sign up to have their service? Has anyone of you already a member? For more info on this you can check this out and tell me what do you think: http://www.dripcafe.com/what.htm

There are lots and lots of dating service which offers different style like speed dating which Gail once posted. And this one is unique too, so for those still looking for a date/s why not try this.

Of course i couldn't try this service as i am not in US and one more thing i have Joe already so it's not possible. :P

Good day everyone

~~Jen :)

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Tue, 09-02-2003 - 5:17am
Sounds interesting, I just wonder if you would stand in line there and after they've asked you how you would like your coffee (which can take a while because of all the different options available in US coffee shops) they ask you the same about your potential date:

Small, medium or tall? Would you like it with cream or foamy milk? 5% fat, 0,5 % fat or fatfree? Vanilla, Caramel or chocolate topping?


Nevertheless, I think it could be a good option for people on the search (I have already found what I was looking for, so I am not interested in any new dating services anymore) and because most first dates are taking place in coffee shops anyway, why not giving them the order to search for a potential date before you come there.


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Tue, 09-02-2003 - 8:25am
I live walking distance from Drip and have been there many times. Unless you use the web based service, which is relatively new, you never get to talk on the phone with the person before you meet, so it has never been appropriate for me. I haven't been there in awhile but it is a really comfy cozy place with good coffee.
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Sun, 09-14-2003 - 8:44pm
Unfortunately I signed up for this service, thinking, hey I live near NYC, why not? Well I'll tell you why not. I've been on for a week, scheduled to meet a nice guy. (he is, he's not the problem in this scenario) I get there and the cafe is under construction. A sign is posted to meet your dates 2 doors down at another bar who's doing them a favor. So I go to this bar. They are less than pleased, let's just say PISSED that Drip is still using their name as an alternate location. Apparently the cafe has been under construction for about 3 months now. He mentioned that I'm being scammed by Drip. That was a shocker. So I stood outside Drip waiting for my date. He did show, we went to the MET instead and walked around. He was pleasant and just as shocked to hear about the cafe being under construction. How incredible, the site emails me and tells me about my scheduled date at that location. NOTHING about the fact that it's under construction. I took that dang train all the way into the city. I've written a letter to the site and requested them to cancel my membership. So that's the deal with that place. This chick does not recommend it. When I realized you couldn't talk on the phone first, I was kind of wary but figured why not anyway - should have listened to my instincts. Will do so (or try as best as possible) in the future and right now they're telling me to take my profile down. So that's that. (oh, and about the guy, he's very very nice, sweet, a gentleman - but I felt no chemistry for him) Oh well. Back to the drawing board.