Walter/Post Office Update...

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Walter/Post Office Update...
Fri, 07-18-2003 - 11:34am
Walter hasn't been working the counter when I've gone into the Post Office this week, so I wasn't able to learn any more. I was all ready to confront him and everything... {smile}

Now the CDN Post Office is planning on going on strike as of midnight tonight. I've been threatening the counter guys that I am going to come and protest their picket line. I understand their need to fight for a few more cents per hour, but if they don't deliver the mail - they have effectively put me out of business! If I can't ship orders, =I= don't get paid! {sigh...}

So if Walter is walking that picket line, I might just have to kick him in the shins!

(Watch for news at 11, there was a violent attack at the Oshawa Post Outlet! Crazed woman attacks unarmed Postal Employee!) {laughing!}

~*~ Catherine

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Fri, 07-18-2003 - 11:40am
Darn that Walter! Catherine, a friend at work asked me if I had figured out men yet....well, my response was, "Yeh, they are all idiots!" We laughed. So, I would say, NEXT! Just keep him in the back of your mind and if you are ever driving by and he is striking, offer him some lemonade or

Other than that, just get on with it. You deserve a man that will without a doubt ask you out or for whatever. Flirting is fine, but when you were really attracted to this one, and he has done nothing to ask you out. I would move on. Fantasize about him and move on. lol


Gail :)