Web Cam Advice Needed!

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Web Cam Advice Needed!
Thu, 04-24-2003 - 9:33pm
My boyfriend and I are considering webcams but I am skeptical as I have heard that they often time's don't work well (blurry picture, very slow). Can anyone give me some insight on this topic, (which brands are best, etc)? I'm hesitant to buy one before I get some opinions. Thanks!
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Fri, 04-25-2003 - 3:09am
Hi msbeckham, my boyfriend and i have been using webcams since we met last January. And we are at the other side of the world, me here in the Philippines and him in Michigan.

Well, he uses Logitech cam while mine was ...ughhh cant recall wat brand is this one..He uses cable while im only using a dial-up. Our cams worked well, clear. But freezing or being slow sometimes happen especially when my ISP started to slow down. But doesnt stopped us from using it, all we had to do is to close the cam and open it again. If the picture is blurred, well u can adjust it on ur cam, all cams im sure has adjustments.

One more thing is that make sure both your cam will work on the same messengers ur using. My cam sometimes wont work in MSN Net meeting, but working gud in Yahoo. I knw it is specified on the cam's manual whre it will work.

So go ahead and buy one, im sure itll work well on ur pc. Gud luck n have fun...

Jen :)

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Fri, 04-25-2003 - 10:48am
Well hello and welcome. I can tell you alittle about webcams, but I am no expert by any means. I have a Veotech, which I purchased for 20 bucks at Walmart. I was like you, is this thing gonna even work? Me in Tennessee and Mark in Scotland, it comes in handy. Now, I am not sure what brand he has, but he has a pretty fast modem. Me, on the other hand, using only dial up. We use yahoo, to view our webcams and yes they can sometimes be slow and distorted, and delayed. BUT...if you get a good brand, the picture can be better and more clear for you both. I guess I should upgrade since Mark will not be over until June, but for now it works. Anywho. Webcams can benefit you more than just emails, chatting, and phonecalls. You can see the person you are speaking to. It can also take pictures, which you can email to friends and family. There are many advantages to having a webcam, but I sincerely think you should check with some electronic stores and ask them which is the best brand to have a clear, freeze free view of your SO. Althought, keep in mind, when using any messenger service, the more people on line using it can slow your viewing down as well. It is simply the new thing now, and everyone is on line chatting through messenger for free. No Long distance is the key factor here. So, even if it is alittle distorted, or slow..I would say it is worth it to see your honey for free for a few moments!! Goodluck to you!!