What about I just got chewed out!

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What about I just got chewed out!
Thu, 07-03-2003 - 10:31am
...well, not really. I think it could have been a hell of alot worse. WEll, real quick. I will tell you. I am a receptionist, I answer about 6 lines for two different facilities. Over 100 employees. OK, so here it is. The owner, we will call SFB,( translation: S**T for brains.) Anywho, SFB was here yesterday at our facility and upon leaving tells me to give his cell phone to someone he is expecting to call. I say ok and normally I screen SFB's calls, but when he is in the office. If he is traveling or out of town, I just say he is not here, would you like to leave a voicemail. When SFB is here, I ask who it is, put them on hold, call SFB to see if he will take the call. Ok, 9 times out of 10, he doesnt know the person and they dont get to talk to him.

SO, yesterday, someone calls. A man. There are 5 other lines ringing and he doesnt say who he is, but asks for SFB. SO, I say he is not here, would you like to leave a voicemail. He says, yes. After I transfer the man, I realize that might have been the dude. I was like, *@$#*@(^#@^%#&^@~! lol So, I think what should I do, call the owner and tell him, or just let it go, cause it might not even be him. All this is going on in my little head. SO, I call the owner on his cell and leave a message, he does not call me back yesterday. He calls this morning, to ruin my day! lol

This is how the conversation went:

SFB: Gail, you left a message about the guy, what happened, tell me.

ME: Oh, yeh, I think it might-( SFB cuts me off)

SFB: Tell me, Gail, I dont have time, did he call or not!

ME: Would you please, listen, I am. (I was not happy when he interrupted me. It makes me nervous when people do that)

SFB: OK, go ahead

ME: Someone called yesterday and I didnt ask who it was, but they left a voicemail on your office phone. I had a few other lines ringing and when you arent here, I just dont think to ask who it is and I know you were expecting that call, so it might have been that guy.

SFB: SO, you didnt ask who he was. You should have asked.

ME: WEll, I thought he may have annouced hiself if it was the guy, but it still might not be, I am just-(cuts me off AGAIN)

SFB: You should have asked, because I was going to call and chew him out for not calling me back.

ME: I dont know if it was him or not.

SFB: It probably was him. From now on you need to ask who it is every time, since i told you I was expecting a call and I gave you my cell number to give to this guy. You should have asked who it was.

ME: Yes, I know, but I am calling you now to tell you.

SFB: Yes, but from now on you should know. Ok?

ME: Yeh, alright.

End of call. *&*^&*%^&%$^&*^(&(*#@&)@&_@*^!!(*^@&*@)#&*@&_

Ok, those are so cuss words. lol Im so mad, cause I thought because I called him, yesterday by the way right after the call, that it would make it alright. Trying to do the right thing, ya know. WEll, he was still pissed. Hell, if the guy called yesterday, he would not have gotten it til this morning anyways, cause I called him right after it happened yesterday. He said he just got my message this morning. WEll, there you go, SFB!

WHEW! I feel alittle better now.

Gail :)

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Thu, 07-03-2003 - 3:29pm
Whew, Gail what a story!

And taking into consideration that you have posted about 150 messages here yesterday ;-)to let this board rock and have six phones ringing at a time, what the hell is this guy expecting, hmm? ;-) If he is going to complain again, please give him my cell phone number and I will let him know you have other things to do!

Well, after all he is just a man and sometimes they just think different. A daily routine (like asking when he is there and not asking when he is not available anyway) could be fine as long as they do not have a very special thing in mind. He has not even realized that calling him immediately after the call and let him know about it may be nearly as good as giving that other guy the number. Perhaps even better because whoever the other one was, seems not to be important enough to give him his cell number before, so why then?

I am sure after that you look especially forward to your long weekend, do you? Just one phone line to ring and (hopefully) on the other end Mark! Enjoy your July 4th-weekend!


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Thu, 07-03-2003 - 5:39pm
Wow, Gail, that was some post! I hear ya, gurl, about just wanting to vent. I tend to do that also. As for the SOB, SFB, or DLS (Dumb Little S**T), I can't believe he said what he said and treated you that way! He has some nerve! I mean, I know he's the owner but that is no respectful way to treat your employees! As for what you did, you did the right thing. It's unfortunate he doesn't see it that way but if he's so friggen busy to check his own voice mail HIMSELF to see if it actually was the guy, then that is really sad (if not pathetic). I don't see what's so hard about him doing that but apparently, it must be like a household chore -- something he'd dread to do, I presume.

You did the right thing, Gail, and don't second guess yourself (if you did). I would have said a few choice words to myself like you did after the phone conversation, too :)