What should I understand by this?

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What should I understand by this?
Wed, 07-18-2012 - 10:02pm

It's been 3 weeks I'm talking on text messages with this guy.  He has been pursuing me all this time and it is he who always texts first.

Sometimes he doesn't text me for 3-4 days, sometimes he texts me 1-2 times a day and sometimes he texts me 7-8 times in a day. HE NEVER EVER CALLS.

All this texting was getting to me since he texts only when he and I are at work and my work was starting to suffer. So I told him "I'm really happy to hear from you but texting is getting tedious during work hours".

To which he replied "ok I will not text you again during work hours".

I did not imply that he stops texting all together. Since he hardly texts me in the evening or weekends, I sent him another text the next day saying "A short text to just say hello doesn't hurt, does it?"

To this he replied, "Don't know. Last time you were so fragile so handling with care".

I have never been vulnerable in my actions or words. What did he mean by this? Is he playing with me?

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Fri, 08-17-2012 - 3:18pm

I've actually had a lot of luck with online dating (knock on wood), HOWEVER, I recently experienced something incredibly similiar. This guy contacted me and we exchanged phone numbers quickly. He would ONLY text me during work hours, citing that he was a single father and also, that the weekend between our first contact and our planned first date, he had to travel to NY to visit his father so would be unavailable. I'm a no B.S. kind of girl so I told him this all seemed really shady and I didn't think we were on the same page. He persisted and though, the texts were still confined mainly to work hours, while he was "away", he did manage to text me at like 6 in the morning. On a Saturday. Well, I'm also a girl who follows intrigue and I wanted to figure this guy out, maybe prove myself right. Tuesday arrives and we've agreed to meet at a restaurant at 8 PM. We texted several times during the day. I tried calling him (for the first time) at a little after 7 to let him know I was running late. No answer. Straight to voicemail. What?! You're supposed to meet me within the hour and your phone is off? I tried calling him twice more and sent him a text that I would not be leaving my house until I heard from him. Which I never did. At the risk of tooting my own horn, I am not someone who gets stood up. I'm constantly being pursued. So, it wasn't a matter of him playing a sick joke on some homely girl. Afterward, I just kept thinking, OMG, I may have just narrowly avoided a meeting with a local serial killer. Like, thank you, Jesus! Can you believe that about 2 weeks later, this schmuck had the nerve to text me? So, I texted him back the truth - that I was grateful for his stupidity because I ended up going to the very same restaurant with a different guy that night and had a great time, lmao. True story. Haven't heard from him since. YOUR GUY'S A LOSER. TRUST YOUR INTUITION. BLOCK HIS NUMBER.