Wow, I met a really nice guy...

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Wow, I met a really nice guy...
Tue, 05-11-2010 - 6:21pm

Not sure how I can muster the patience I need...I want to know RIGHT NOW if he is the right guy for me.

He is nice looking and articulate and educated and handy and practical and has a sense of humor. He and his wife seem to have had a disconnect of personality, not a major disaster (she is burning through her assets in a big hurry and he lives very carefully, just like me). He seems to be really into me (always a plus). He is a total gentleman.

He is 9 years older than me. Is that too much?

My heart and head and hormones are all in agreement. Keep him!

I'm trying to compare how I feel/think now with the way I felt with other guys in the past...but I can't really remember...only that when the picture develops fully, there is more info that is a deal breaker.

It would be too much to be believed if all this OLD finally paid off.

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Wed, 05-12-2010 - 12:50pm

If you really want to know if he is the right guy for you by a couple of ways:

1. Go to on a trip together

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Wed, 05-12-2010 - 12:36pm

Remember the rules of yesteryear
1. don't put your eggs in one basket
2. have more than one Beau*

*Rosemary Daniele: Sleeping With Soldiers

SINCE 1969

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Wed, 05-12-2010 - 12:27pm

"Going out of town" usually means you will never hear from them again. Online dating code. Not always, though. One guy at least sent me photos of his trip. Of course, I don't know if he went alone...

I've said it before and I will say it again until everyone is sick of it: sometimes you just have to leave things up to Fate!

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Wed, 05-12-2010 - 8:45am

Thank you for the big laugh, that was great!

Abbycat, I'm sorry to create unnecessary drama...she is definitely an ex wife, two years divorced. What baggage he has with her is definitely due to his relationship with his sons.

I'm a bit calmer now.

I just realized that the other guy I was in touch with, the one who went out of town for the weekend, hasn't emailed or called me yet in spite of having all my contact info. Oh well!

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Tue, 05-11-2010 - 11:22pm

Whoa! He's married? This doesn't bother you?

Get a grip, sister! Sorry if that sounds harsh, but you're really setting yourself up for heartache and what could be worse. You deserve better than someone who is taken.

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Tue, 05-11-2010 - 9:55pm
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