Adventures in dancing

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Adventures in dancing
Sat, 08-11-2012 - 11:28am

The school I take lessons at is closed for vacation this week so my friend & I decided to go to a school in another town that has Friday night dances.  She had been there before & told me there are many more men, which was true.  For some reason, our school fails to attract single men to the weekly Friday dances (the monthly Sat. dances which are held in a bigger place and open to the public are only slightly better) so it was exciting to see that there were a bunch of men there and not the usual 2-3x more women.

But I have to tell you about this one guy who I named Shaky Old Guy.  We had just gotten there and SOG asked me to dance the first dance, a tango, which is not my best dance.  He must have been 80 and I thought he might fall over from shakiness any minute, which was bad enough, but he couldn't lead!  At first I thought, maybe it's me, I don't tango that well.  Then he asks my friend and basically dropped her back in the middle of the dance cause I guess she wasn't doing what he wanted.  So later on there was a mixer, where you form 2 lines of men & women and dance w/ the next person who comes up.  I went around once w/ one guy--everything was fine, we danced quite well, then of course my next partner was SOG!  He complained in the middle that I wasn't keeping time to the music and I actually told him it wasn't me, it was him!  I noticed that when he came up, every other woman was saying "Oh, I already danced with him" and wouldn't take him--so it definitely wasn't me.  So I spent the rest of the time avoiding him.

Other than him, I had fun.  I met this one woman who was a great character--she was Russian.  She was middle aged and bigger than me, but she was so full of life and she carried herself like "I just know I am sexy and a great woman"--and I think if you act like that, men believe it.  She was asking all the men to dance and she was very dramatic. Most of the guys were nothing to write home about but there were a couple who looked good enough to get to know better.  So I definitely have to branch out & start going to new places.

Tonight I'm also going out to dinner with a meetup group--it's a new members dinner for the single parents group.  I did join a while ago but I've only been to 2 events so I'm new-ish, plus they are going to a restaurant near my house at a marina.  It's mostly women, but a couple of men at least.  This is my birthday weekend so I'm living it up!

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Sat, 08-11-2012 - 12:17pm
Happy birthday!

It seems like every place you go, there's a guy like that. Old, past his prime, and completely oblivious to it. The guy at my karaoke place is 64 and always high. Always. Last night, he told me I had pretty toes. Uhm...thanks??
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Sat, 08-11-2012 - 1:36pm

Happy Birthday, Music!

That was a great story.  Too bad SOG doesn't realize what a Denny Downer he is . . . true that no matter ones size, confidence will get you plenty of attention. 

It's funny you mentioned a marina.  I used to frequent one near here, that had a restaurant, before I moved (and then moved back) so I drove to it just the other day to see if it was still open.  It is, but under new ownership.  They've fixed it all up and it looks so hip from the outside.  I'm going to have to go check it out here soon. 

I hope the Meet-Up is fun and some interesting people show up!

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Sun, 08-12-2012 - 12:06am
I've done quite a bit dancing myself and the only thing that seemed to bother me was when elderly gentlemen had less than great breath! Or some guy trying to lead me into advanced moves that I had no idea about!