Beauty routine - just for fun

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Beauty routine - just for fun
Sun, 07-21-2013 - 11:11am

I went to a posh party last night and went through "the works" to get ready for it. I thought about all of the products I use to get ready and I just wondered what other women do. I want to know in detail!

1. Nails. I started on Wednesday. I took off the old toenail polish and filed my nails. Then Thursday night I applied the polish (a coat of Chip Skip, two coats of OPI "Big Apple Red" and a top coat of Seche Vite). I didn't paint my fingernails, I just keep them filed and buffed. (but I love having painted fingernails!)

2. Hair. I use a Dove moisturizing shampoo and conditioner then use mousse (also Dove) before styling. I use three different sized round brushes to blow-dry my hair, pinning it up in sections to dry the lower part first. Once I cool off from that, I use a flat iron. If I need a little more umph, I use my 1 1/2 inch curling iron to add a little roundness, which I did last night. I have a bit of a cowlick that makes my hair look thin in that spot, so I apply a little "Joan Rivers Good Hair Day" which is basically just eyeshadow you apply with a specially made long brush. After all of this styling, I usually have a few hairs sticking up and I hit those with a tiny bit of hairspray. My hair is very high maintenance. I have it colored every 3 weeks and have highlights thrown in once in a while. It's naturally wavy, but not in a good way, and a bit on the thin side.

3. Makeup. It starts with Smashbox lid primer so that my eyeshadow will last and be truer to color. I put a little on my nose, too so I don't get the Rudolf look. Then Estee Lauder concealer under the eyes. I blend two shades of L'Oreal compact makeup, followed by Neutragena powdered blush. Then lip liner and lipstick, topped with a translucent glossy lipstick. Next, the eyeshadow: Bobbi Brown (love the matte finish) "Bone" in the corners near my nose, followed by Slate on the lids. Then I get out my wonderful eyeliner brush which I've had for over 20 years leftover from this wonderful eyeliner Clinique used to make. I wet it and use BB "Smoke" to line my eyes on top lid only. This is followed by a little "Smoke" added with a dry brush on the lower lid. Then I apply a little "Slate" to my eyebrows with a brush. I curl my lashes, and apply Maybelline Great Lash, top lashes only.

4. Legs. It's so hot in Florida, it's torture to wear pantyhose, but my legs need some help. I usually use a self tanner and that hides the flaws in my skin pretty well, but last night I used Sally Hansen "Airbrush Legs". I have a lot of sun damaged spots and some broken capillaries (I am 59 after all), so I touched those up with a little concealer.

5. Clothes and accessories. I chose a Banana Republic sleeveless little black dress. I have to wear a strapless bra with it because of the way the strap and neck area are made. No perfume (I'm looking for a nice perfume. Oh, I have plenty, but I don't like any of them anymore. Suggestions, anyone?). Minimal jewelry: drop earrings (that I bought at a Paris flea market--OK, I just had to get that in there), a narrow Betsy Johnson bracelet with little rhinestones on it, and a silver ring. I wore sandals with rhinestone decoration across the toe. I carried a small oblong silver purse with a little shoulder strap, and annoyingly, it fell apart a little bit during the party. 

It was a nice party held at a museum, and I saw a lot of people I used to work with. And no, I didn't meet any new men. But I had a good time anyway.