Blessing in disguise: opportunity in a crisis

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Blessing in disguise: opportunity in a crisis
Thu, 09-06-2012 - 5:47am
Hey all singles and not ready to mingle, happy or otherwise. We all have a common thing- time to spare, free time to kill, that was not there when in relationship.
So tell here What you are thinking/planning/love to do in your free time?
I have an exam due, after that i would like to write a book.
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Re: Blessing in disguise: opportunity in a crisis
Fri, 09-07-2012 - 8:43am

well I am very unfortunate or fortunate because at this time of my life I have a lot of free time but I fill it up with basic survival skills.

Like I am not employed but I spend time looking for work and since I live with family I spend alot of time doing things for them.I also walk alot everyday and I do free things like the library and on weekends I go out with friends and do things or hang out. I live in a community where there is always something to do whether its festivals or fairs or movies or concerts or just going to the beach there is always something to do and I take full advantage of that (lol)

I also read alot and watch movies when there is something worthwhile on like the cooking channel. (lol)

Plus there is always someone coming by and we have parties and barbecues and things in summer.

I want to get into yoga and meditation but I am just doing that from home right now..

Take Care

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Actually I love being outdoors when weather is nice. I live in suburbs of NYC and I live near some nice beaches and parks so I love to just go to the parks and beaches and walk or hang out or see free concerts and be at festivals. that kind of stuff I like.

Now dont ask me about Winter when things slow down. (lol)....but then its fall activities like pumpkin farms and things.