Breast Enhancement Pills???

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Breast Enhancement Pills???
Wed, 08-27-2003 - 4:39pm
Does anyone know if they work? Anyone tried them???

No lectures about how beauty is on the inside please....

I am just curious about this!



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Wed, 08-27-2003 - 4:51pm
I've never tried them, but I have never heard anyone say that they work. Ever.
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Wed, 08-27-2003 - 4:51pm
Here's some scientific facts...combined with some personal awareness and knowledge.

Breasts are stored body fat. For all the jumping up and down we do about "losing our fat" - we are NEVER referring to those desired lumps of fat sitting on our chest!

Anything that is out there that is going to "make them bigger" is doing it by one of two processes.....a) it's increasing your water retention and just like every month - you "get a little bigger" until the water weight subsides.......or b) it's inducing some sort of increase in stored body fat % by lessening your metabolic burn and unfortunately you can't just limit that to your breasts.

If anything was legitimate and worked....believe me, that would be the product that everybody would know about hands down, and everybody would use vs. plastic surgery. There isn't that product.


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Wed, 08-27-2003 - 5:15pm
Hmmmm... just curious.

I have a friend who has been taking the pills, and she said it has woorked so far... but only a bit. like maybe 1/2 cup size. But she laso didn't follow the instructions too well (She was hiding the usage from her bf)

I ordered the same (yes, I am a consumer of the worst kind) but I curious what my chances are.


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Wed, 08-27-2003 - 5:26pm
Well, given that everything requires continuous use.....and nobody can tell you exactly how the product makes "just your breasts grow" - I can speculate that what is going to occur in an increased in stored body fat overall in very slow percentages.


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Wed, 08-27-2003 - 6:02pm
I am looking for feedback - So I love everyones responses...

What if you gain wait everywhere, but then exercise the areas you want to keep smaller, (cant you target where you loose weight?), but leave your breasts alone?

Just a thought, even if you have to gain some first????

I am an 'A" and just wish I could be a 'B', I am not trying to be barbie or anything.....

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Wed, 08-27-2003 - 6:03pm
oops "weight" not wait..

so many typos - I apologize.
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Wed, 08-27-2003 - 6:34pm
I’ve never heard of them working. I do know that if they actually did work then the FDA would be all over them. However, being that there is virtually no regulation over these types of pills then I would be leery of taking them. Plus, if you take other medications have the pharmacist check to make sure that this won’t interfere with your other medications.

A friend once gave me a great quote: “In Japan the perfect breast should just barely fill the hand, in France it should fit inside a champagne glass (the flat kind not the flute!), and in America they should be able to clog a toilet.”

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Wed, 08-27-2003 - 6:38pm
No! No! No! You can't target where you lose weight! You can target certain muscle groups, and you can gain muscle in those areas (like your chest, which may make you look bigger there), but you can't target fat loss.

I have no idea if they work, but what Erin said makes sense. Now...if they came up with a breast reduction pill, I might be willing to try that!

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Wed, 08-27-2003 - 6:59pm
Hon, I've been all over the scale, am an endurance athlete...and no there is no way "take fat on the hips and leave it on your breasts."

I'll try to get too "fitness technical" here.

But it works like this.

What makes you the "size you are" - isn't the weight # you have. It's the percentage of stored body fat to lean muscle mass you've got.

The scale weight includes your organ, skeletal, muscle and stored body fat. Without surgery or injury you won't lose, and aren't looking to lose - organ or skeletal "weight".

So the only portions of the weight scale # you have to manipulate are the stored fat to lean muscle mass ratios.

I'm 5'6"

At 25, I was anorexic. I was 98 pounds, 34% body fat (flabby, not toned - just "thin in clothes"), and 10% lean muscle mass. I looked terrible, felt worse...but I was a glorious "size 4".

At 40, I'm an endurance athlete. Still 5'6, I weigh 140 pounds, 12% body fat, 43% lean muscle mass, toned, trim, ultra marathon endurance andfitness....I look good, I feel great...and I am a "glorious size 4" - that I couldn't care less about.

So it's the lean muscle mass to stored fat % that is going to determine your "size" - not that scale number.

If you want to lose stored fat - it isn't converted to muscle. It's "lost" when being burned as a fuel during the right type of exercise, in the right heart rate zone, for the right number of sessions per week, for the duration of sessions required to "burn fat as a fuel".

If you want to build lean muscle mass - you lift weights for strength (lower weight/higher reps) so that you resistance train and build the strength and that expands the muscle fibers in each muscle group.

When you stop lifting weights, all that happens is you are less strong, toned and defined -but muscle isn't "converted to fat". But you lose lean muscle mass meaning your metabolic burn lowers automatically and by default you "store" more fat if you continue to eat as you have been.

So enough technicality - you can see from this that you can't "burn specific stored fat".

It's an "all over burn" or none at all.

What I hear you saying is you're an "A" that wants to be a "B". is what you're looking at doing if this "pill" works for you.

And this is best put in perspective from a rear-end view. When you were fat like I was from adolescence into your 30's -your skin is "stretched out". And I'm not talking about obesity - I'm just talking stretch marks. So when I "lost the stored fat" and gained the lean muscle is what happened to my breasts - since that is specifically waht we're dealing with here.

At 19, I had a baby. I was overweight to start with, gained alot of weight during the pregnancy - breast fed due to low income, and I was a 36DD when that was in play.

After breast feeding ended, and some minimal weight was lost and I was down to about 160 pounds vs. the 200 of "at birth" weight....they "sagged". I was still very "fat" - but those breasts had been "much fatter" before. And the likelihood of them ever being 36DD again was slim - as in NONE LOL! AT least, not without another pregnancy, which wasn't an option because I had my tubes cut when giving birth via c-section.

So I was 160 pounds, probably 60% body fat (realize that about 22% is "normal" for a non-athlete) and they were 36C. But - they weren't a perky or attractive 36C.....they had been bigger before, weren't anymore and like a rubber band had been stretched to capacity and the "snapped back" and of course, rubber bands never "snap back" as "snappy" as when out of the bag without being used.

I flew into dysfunctions and addictions...and by 25 I was the 98 pound waif with 34% body fat, no lean muscle mass or tone, totally and completely out of my mind half the time....but i was "thin" finally. My breasts were 32B....smaller than ever, with more stretch marks than ever - the basic point is that anything bigger once it "gets smaller" never "gets smaller as pretty as it was small to begin with". And naturally I had to wear padded pushups.

At 36, I had come out of the dysfunctional thinking and addictive behaviors...but I was just becoming an athlete, did not understand about eating, weight gain, muscle gain - I was concentrating solely on getting my "mind in balance" and as a result I was 36, 160 lbs, 54% body fat, 28% lean muscle mass - thick, solid, not toned or defined but not flabby...I was a size 12. I was becoming an athlete - but I wasn't there yet.

But...the breasts had "filled out" and they were not less saggy - although far from attractive without the push up bras...and I was a 36C. Again, stored fat being the main "filler of the cups".

I got serious, got athletic, got competitive, got fit, got knowledgeable and knowledge is power and applied towards a goal makes you a powerful force....I quit caring about whether I looked good and performance was the goal and the gauge of success and I was and am achieving that.

But here's what that translates out to "breast-wise". I'm 5'6, size 4, 140 pounds, 12% body fat, 43% lean muscle mass -toned, defined, not flabby at all, very athletic and mscular...but those breasts are now 38A and they sag as far down as it gets. I am extremely "breast unattractive" without clothes - unless my arms are ABOVE my head.

And the ONLY thing to fix that is surgery...which I won't consider implants - that's ridiculous and I'd be bouncing all over the place and with all the sports I pursue - that would be a total hassle. And I won't consider a "lift" because that takes 8-10 weeks to recover from and I would be out of the training and competitive loop for too long and I enjoy training and competing too much to give it up for "a size 38A that doesn't sag but still has stretch marks."

So, what you're proposing is to make them "fuller" (aka fatter) with these pills. If these things are simply 'water rentention" pills -I'm sure there is a cheaper variety available such as "salt tablets" - take enough of those and drink enough water - and you'll retain "water out the wazoo" - and those breasts will fill up -just like your skin will get "dewy fresh" and your belly will bloat.

And if what these pills do over time is slow down your metabolic rate (caloric burn) so that you're slowly increasing the amount of stored fat % your body stores what you're going to find is that at some point you're "with cleavage" only to find a few months later your jeans are skin tight. And a few months later - that t-shirt will be tight and look great...but your butt will be falling out of your shorts. And at the point that you say "enough - the cleavage isn't worth it" - you stop taking the pills, you get on a diet, you get with an exercise plan, and if you do it smart it'll take you a year or better to truly "realign the percentages of stored body fat to lean muscle mass" so that you can remain at a particular size/weight with a continuous healthy eating/exercise regime for'll have "saggy breasts" because without the fat - they won't be "that size". And you can't 'firm 'em up' once you've 'stretched 'em out.

I have a friend my age who's also an ultra-marathon athlete, she's never been fat, she's always been fit, she's never had any kids and she's a trainer and racer, as well. She's the same size I am, with almost the same percentages of stored fat to lean muscle mass. She's a 36A...but they're perky and cute and solid and firm....because she's never been overweight, or "stretched out"...and as a result her 40 year old breasts look like most 20 year olds who don't need to wear bras under their t-shirts.


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Thu, 08-28-2003 - 12:57pm
wow!!! Thank you sooo much for your thought out reply.

It is really helping me.

Sooo In other words, there is nothing I can do? I am sorry, but it was a bit technical.

I am just under 5'7", about 110 lbs and between an 0 and a 2. I am a 34a+ and have always been teased for having small boobs. My body fat is very high. Much higher than girls that are a bit bigger than me. Both my sisters are sizes 14-16 and have D's (same with my mom). I am 30 years old. If I start working out, what will that do to my chest? Will I lose what little I have? I have flabby thighs and a little belly. There are no exercises for your chest to get bigger?