Dinner Date (good or bad) Update

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Dinner Date (good or bad) Update
Thu, 10-25-2012 - 6:29pm

Hi everyone;

well I have a dinner date next week with my High School crush guy.. the good part is that he is cooking me dinner at his house and we are going to catch up on 40 years. Ha ha..

The weird part is that I havent seen this guy since High School and he doesnt have a car right now and I am thinking maybe he wants HS revenge for me dissing him in high school and wants to shove me in a closet in chains and leave me there (lol) .... think sci fi channel or lifetime movies..or girls being bullied movies..

Anyway; I dont care and it sounds like fun and it will be fun catching up and all of that.. Not reading into it but just want to have fun..

I lost alot of weight so I need to buy some clothes first so I made it for next wednesday.. hopefully I can find a pair of jeans that fit before then and do my hair also.. We are supposed to be getting a hurricane in Northeast sunday and Monday and might have to evacuate for the third time so not looking forward to that and that will slow me down some..

so wish me luck


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Thu, 10-25-2012 - 6:43pm


Wishing you Luck!

Be Safe!

I hope you have Fun and re-connect...

I don't know if I would be comfortable going to someone's home but that's me.

Are you carrying a Cell?

Maybe you could plan it for someone to call you just to make sure you're okay things are going alright.

You sound excited so I think that is pretty cool!


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Thu, 10-25-2012 - 7:07pm

No; I was kidding and I am not concerned.. My intuition says it will be okay.. Besides he lives in an apt. complex and if I scream II (lol) someone will hear me..and I can probably outrun him.. (lol)

Yes; it will be fun to catch up..and because I used to know him and he is not a total stranger I am not afraid or anything. Now if it were someone from online dating I just met I might not take that chance.

thank you

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Fri, 10-26-2012 - 9:39am
Well, wishing you good luck on the date but also the impending hurricane! My goodness, you are going to have one crazy week! Have fun shopping and gettin' your hair did ;] Let us know how everything went!
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Fri, 10-26-2012 - 4:52pm

Man CFK I cant seem to catch a break between my mom and everyday stuff to do and now this hurricane.. OUCH.. I am the official hurricane person and this time I am really scared.. Already got canned foods and paper stuff and water . Have to see if we have batteries and candles and things.. NOt sure but tv is predicting really bad this time with winds at 80 miles an hour for Northeast and as you guys know we live right by a canal and a beach..

So I might have to cancel my dinner date which is WEd.  but he knows about hurricane and might have to re-schedule.. Hurricane supposed to hit Mondy and go on for a few days. Might have to evacuate but see what happens.  Might not have any power for days so have to take it one day or one hour at a time... I surely dont want to see this guy looking like a ragamuffin after 40 years.. OMG.. I have a pic on facebook and that is how he found me I guess. I told him not to stuff me in closet and get revenge from High School cause I dissed him and he said okay no problem. Ha ha.. I might turn into a Halloween Movie Number 11..

This storm is def. going to put a cabash on Halloween and all and that is sad... I am shocked at a storm like this In October.

Take care everyone

Anyway; HS crush gave me his phone number and address and I hope he can cook a good meal (lol)...

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Sun, 10-28-2012 - 8:24pm

I certainly hope he doesn't lock you in the closet!  More likely is that he will expect sex since you're going to his place.  In my experience, any guy who invites a woman over has one goal in mind.  Every single time, I tell myself he's a good guy and he really does just want to "talk" and every single time, it's not true.  Hopefully that's not the case for you, but maybe let your leg hair grow for awhile just in case you  need an excuse!