Does he seem interested?

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Does he seem interested?
Tue, 04-15-2003 - 6:33pm
OK, I'm a college student and feel like I'm in high school again. UGGGh BTW - i'm also an older college student- age 27... anyway,

I'm an English major and there is a group of us English majors that hang out with each other. There is one guy that i'm interested in. Something about him ...aggggh...anyway, he is probably under the assumption that I'm taken, but i'm not (long story). I wanted to let him think that because first of all, I didnt think he would be interested in me, another reason is I wasnt looking for a relationship.

X and I have talked within the group and we email each other. I needed help with some German translations and he was so willing to help and would always email more than was necessary, making conversation, so to speak. He would always put "I hope to see you tomorrow" or something like that.

Once, I was walking outside and I heard whistling.. . I turned around and it was him and he was whistling "love me tender"

I emailed him when I lost an account and he emailed me back saying he was so sorry and he would talk to me in person- and as soon as he saw me the next day, he came over and we talked about it.

I am by no means really overweight but i'm not skinny. I showed him pics of when I was very skinny and mentioned taking some of those stacker pills. He went out of his way to tell me not to take them - that tehy were dangerous and he was worried about me. (no, i no longer take them as I have researched and learned the dangers) He also said, "If you're trying to lose weight for a guy, most guys want girls with some meat on their bones."

There are some other things, also. When we are in a group, he and i talk to each other a lot but we talk to the others as well. Once, when I was not going to class, we walked to the building and I started walking off with a few of the others that were skipping as well. He yelled out, "You're going too?" then I turned a few times as I was walking away and he was watching me and waving.

One of my classes, most of my group is in this class. We are all spread out and sit with other people. Well, the teacher told us to go outside and form groups of three and four. LOL, there were six other people in my group. He was one of them, although his friends (actually OUR friends) and the people at his table were in another group. I didnt have my book so he and I shared a book. Well , i know this sounds dumb and juvenile but our arms were touching and a few times I moved away slightly to see if it was just me initiating the touching, but he would move closer. I felt a definite electricity. We teased each other and were laughing.

And not only does he think I'm taken but he is admittedly shy and says all his girlfriends in the past have pursued him. He says me and the other girls in the group are different- we dont play the mind games. He also says if he is interested, he flirts obviously but i'm somewhat clueless and a natural flirt.

Also, i have a daughter and he has met her and calls her a "Little *insert my name*" saying she is beautiful and has perfect features.

So, does this just seem like buddy buddy repetoire or more of an interested flirting??

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Tue, 04-15-2003 - 6:37pm
Why don't you just ask him out and put yourself out of your misery ;-)? Seriously, he does seem interested, and while I personally would not be comfortable with a man who was too shy to ask someone out, if that doesn't bother you, go for it!


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Tue, 04-15-2003 - 7:11pm
Well, you're not going to find out on your current course of action! You need to get him out of the school setting and into a more social setting. Maybe have a dinner party or something and invite all of the "group". See how he acts when it's social and not academic. If you can't do that, you MUST let him know you're interested somehow. That doesn't necessarily have to be by asking him out. He's complimented you, now you need to reciprocate. If he's wearing a shirt you really like on him, tell him, and make SURE you touch it when you do! Call him cute, handsome, whatever you need to do to make him know you find him attractive. Then, give him a sure "yes" to a date without asking. Mention you'd really like to try X restaurant but your daughter wouldn't like it. Or maybe mention a movie or other activity you like to do, but haven't in awhile. Something like "you know what I'd really like to do? I feel like BOWLING!" OH, and make LOTS of eye contact. I read somewhere that eye contact is the #1 indicator of interest. Any halfway breathing man will ask if he's interested after that much prepping. If he doesn't, move on. Chances are, that's when he'll realize what he's missed!

Keep us updated, cause I always like to know how these things turn out!