Doesn't it just figure!!

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Doesn't it just figure!!
Mon, 07-21-2003 - 3:57pm
I just spent the last week on vacation - camping up in Osoyoos, BC, Canada. Wonderful! Soaked up ALOT of sun - now I'm brown. While I was away, my roomie took 4 messages from "strange men" with no names or #s. He also said there was a few msgs on the machine...some from my obession, J. I accidently deleted my messages when I got home! So can't return any calls. Hmmm..I didn't get ANY phone calls the week before I left, do you think I'll get any this week? The last time I went out for a night on the town w/the gals...I gave my phone # out 4 times (all to men I know, I'm not that good!) theoretically, every guy could have called! When normally, they never call...which is why I forgot about it, LOL.

Anyway, I get into to work and Viking called here twice for me. The guy who said he wasn't "looking for anything serious, lets be friend" just called...he has "some things he wants to talk about" and we are meeting up after work. Hmm. I wore braids on my vacation...but I thought I had a big important mtg today and took them out...I look like a poodle head! Figures :)

I am in a daze. Could all my epiphanies and trying this/that finally be paying off? Or it just something in the air?

I hope everyone calls back. Or maybe just the guy who's going to be my next "bf" cause I'm tired of all this. Just ONE. Thats all I want or need. One focus. A DEEP r/ship not a whole bunch of superficial ones...but I guess I shouldn't complain.

Glad to be back, missed y'all! Go.