dont call for 8 months untill b-day

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dont call for 8 months untill b-day
Thu, 06-12-2003 - 11:40pm
I met this guy at a market i worked at for almost three years. We became friends. He's 21 or 22 while i was 17. He offered to take me to the prom. I said okay. He wanted to pay for the tickets($100 4 two), our pics,and dinner. he'd always asked me out to movies but busy or something came up. After i graduated we'd see eachother at gym and called each other occasionally but never went on a date except for prom if that counts. The last time we talked was october 15. 2002. it's been 8 months. I told him i'd call him back because i was watcing nephew tommorow if not next day. He's been trying to call like 4 or five times i think now. I had change my cell # because it broke. His b-day is coming up and i plan on calling him and leaving a text message saying hi and happy bday. You being the guy, how would you feel? What would be going on in your head?

-I stopped calling him because he kept asking if i got my license yet.I felt embarrased. 17-18-19 years old and not driving. I take my behind the wheel tst tommorow fri.I

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Fri, 06-13-2003 - 12:05am
Maybe he is using the license as a test for whether you are really grown up enough to date him or not? Does he have his own apt, his own wheels, etc? 21 or 22, he may feel a little mature for you?

Why not call him if you truly wish to leave him birthday wishes? Don't overanalyze or read anything into it - you'll psyche yourself and/or make yourself nervous. When there is no need to be nervous. Friends call friends on their bdays to wish them a joyous occasion. I've had female friends do it. Heck, I am usually late for xmas breakfast w/my family b/c the phone will ring 4 or 5 times before I get a chance to leave!

Good luck! Go.