EFT..Tapping is Working (lol)

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EFT..Tapping is Working (lol)
Wed, 10-24-2012 - 1:02am

Hi everyone:

well I have been experimenting with my emotional freedom technique (tapping on meridian on body) and it appears to be working somehow..

I almost had a date last Friday when a guy from a local dating site wrote and asked me out.. We made plans for Friday but at last minute my mom had to be taken care of (long story) so I cancelled.. He wants to reschedule but I am not sure yet..

Second .. A High School crush I knew years ago appeared tonight  on facebook and he looked me up and found me. We started chatting on facebook and he wants to get together and then cook me dinner. I said okay let me know when?? I do remember him and I havent seen him in years. He now lives in New York . His pics on facebook look pretty good.. He said let me know so I can figure out what to cook. i said okay no problem and I believe its real as he was always an honest guy and all of that stuff. we both had crushes on each other. He is divorced and my age.

There is another guy on facebook who I have a crush on. Remember that guy my cousin's friend who dissed me? well ? he is sort of back and im's me alot . More than ever and we chat and he says he is working alot but he says nice things to me. He is so sweet. Its a matter of time and I know he will ask  me out..because well I know?? (ha ha)There is a festival coming up around Nov. and he keeps hinting about it so hoping he will ask me to go...we shall see...

oh;and I am feeling better overall when I tap my energy goes through the roof and I am not as tired and mentally I feel better. Not so down and out..I am hoping my health improves..My headaches seem to clear up..and my hair is getting thicker.. and some other things are improving and I hope my health improves more..

Oh; and I am tapping for abundance and money.. I havent seen anything yet except I am getting more th ings to fill out online for prizes and cars and I have never gotten that stuff before so I dont know. I will let you know what I win... or how the money thing comes into play because i am not too sure about that one..

so there you have it .. I am going to keep tapping because its free and nothing to lose and Its working..

Happy Tapping~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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Fri, 11-02-2012 - 10:49pm
I am studying tapping, too. Did you start with a book? I have "Getting Thru your emotions with EFT". It sounds like you are tapping for lots of things. So you think others are approaching you because you have a new vibration? Please do tell. Very exciting!
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Wed, 10-24-2012 - 10:59am

I know and I really am giving credit to the eft .. I am reading alot about it and its like accupuncture wihtout needles.. It kind of opens up the blockages of bad gunk or negative energy in body and clears out negative emotions and I guess I have a few (lol)... because I wasnt attracting anything at alll..So  now when I clear out the bad energy the good energy is coming in..

Its like when I go out now people come up to me and just talk or smile and carry on a conversation more than ever. I dont have to be that overly friendly anymore as I used to be.. as they just come up to me and talk .. Its sort of effortless and its sooooooooooo refreshing. I am loving this and trust me it is working and it is the eft..

You can always attract more abundance in life even if one has everything they need or just do it for emotional health and family and all of that. I am loving this and wish I found it years ago..


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Wed, 10-24-2012 - 10:05am

That's great Free!  Tapping or no, you're obviously in a better head space and I think that's terriffic!