Everything is Played Out

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Everything is Played Out
Fri, 05-03-2013 - 6:00pm

Hello everyone;

So me now being 59 years old and been to enough meet up single events and some dating and single dances and all of that scene its all played out for me.. I do not enjoy any of this anymore and all I want is to be in a relationship and live in the country ... I cannot stand another single event or being single another minute...

This weekend there are so many things for couples going on outdoors and although I have asked a few people to go they all declined so I will be going by myself.. That I dont mind but there will be plenty of couples and kids at these outdoor venues...and that is going to be very depressing...

So now what?? I know we have talked about this stuff before but its getting on my nerves.. I really need a Plan Z now like maybe moving to Belize or a deserted island and take up fishing...

I mean what now?

My best guy friend Nick passed away in March and it really hurts alot... He was my age.. Now there is another mutual guy friend of ours who wants to sort of hang out with me but I dont like him very much as he is such a pain.....

So there it is and I know I should be greatful and on a good day I am but feeling so down and out .. Oh; I even ordered a concert ticket for the group Train just for myself... How depressing is that??




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Sat, 05-11-2013 - 6:28pm

  I miss Marina at posts like this as she would have an idea.  remember her idea of all moving to a place?  Yes we all get tired at times so just don't.  Perhaps you just need a vacation from thinking of it.