An Experiment.. (FYI)

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An Experiment.. (FYI)
Sat, 10-19-2013 - 8:40pm

Hello everyone;

So I decided to try an experiment and it is doing okay.. Not great but okay for now.. LOL

I am on the free dating site Ok cupid and thought of putting a fun picture of myself on my profile.. So in the summer time I went to a Pirate festival and dressed up as a pirate. It was tons of fun and so my friend took a pic of me and I loaded it on my desktop.. Well then I thought what would happen if I put that pirate picture on my profile just for fun.. My usual pics are regular and just me so I thought this would be fun... I also was thinking why didnt I do this before...? Lots of people have fun pics right???

Anyway; So I put the pic on the profile and I have actually been getting more traffic and guys writing to me and saying hi or oh; you look cute as a pirate and on and on and things like that......So far there have been three men who replied  to me and that is  more than I usually get on the dating site...and there have been more men just looking at my profile...

One even asked me for my phone number..and yes I gave it to him.... He hasnt called yet but we shall see (LOL)

So is there something to this silliness and letting one;s hair down so to speak.. It kind of breaks the ice on the OLD scene.....

Ideas, opinions, observations?? anyone??????