In a Fickle Pickle

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In a Fickle Pickle
Sun, 06-10-2012 - 12:32am

Went to WF this afternoon.  It's really a pick up spot around here, so I was looking nice and feeling good when I walked in.  I caught the attention of three men in the first section, so that was a good start. One of them was pushing a baby in the cart, another one had tattooes - yuck.  But the third, OMG!  Be still my beating heart!

In college, I worked in a gym, taught aerobics and weight training.  I could bench press more than I weighed when I was 18!  I briefly dated a Mr Universe, but the 'roids had shrunken his you-know-what and suppressed his libido.  That didn't last.  But my ridiculous, crazy, insane attraction to builders apparently remains.

He was in his 40s. Definitely using drugs to look like that at his age. Those guys aren't usually all that bright, and they spend 4 hours a day in a gym with other men - that's just weird. they usually have no money. But right by a perky display of beautiful peppers, I paused to give Adonis a chance to say Hi.  I figured if he did, I'd orgasm right there in the produce dept!  He was that gorgeous!

He ambled over with his zucchini and his apples and said Hi.  And I, flustered beyond all imagining, simply said Hi and looked back at the produce.  I DIDNT EVEN SMILE AT HIM!  He had been done shopping anyway, so I followed him to the checkout lines which were super long. He got in express, but I had too much stuff.  Damn.  I unloaded my stuff onto the conveyor and looked back, hoping he was looking at me or that I might be able to catch his eye.  But he had left his line and gone back into the store for something.  

My gosh, those biceps!!!!  I need a cold shower!!!!  And the gluts, I mean seriously, that should be illegal....(breathe, breathe)

When I got home, 64 yr old poofy-bellied Alan the Gallant called to ask when he can see me again and I just couldn't agree to it. I've decided I need to join a gym tomorrow and put myself in view of these gods.  I start kickboxing class on Tuesday, but tomorrow, we begin in the gym.

I need a bodybulider fix very badly right lifting weights.jpg