Flirting Tips...

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Flirting Tips...
Mon, 07-21-2003 - 4:14pm
This is from the lavalife newsletter...thought it was helpful...hopefully you will too. And you can post and tell us if you tried any - did it, or didn't it work for you?


Harness the power of flattery: Ask yourself what flattering comments this person hasn't heard. For instance, if you're talking to a CEO, telling her she's doing great things for the company may be nice, but she's probably heard it. Instead, tell her that you really like her sense of humor.

Put some ooomph into your 'hello.' Being introduced to someone is an opportunity to make your greeting a memorable one. Make it energetic, advises Jillson. Practice your hello using a tape recorder to hear what your voice sounds like.

Get physical. You may think that a handshake is for business meetings only. Wrong! A handshake, especially with eye-to-eye contact, is very intimate. Give it some energy and at the end of it, give the person's hand an extra squeeze. This signals that you are warm, confident and attracted.

Have something interesting to say. Be a Culture Vulture. In addition to knowing current events, keep an eye on what's new in books, music and film. Don't have time to read the paper? Check out what interests you online.

Touch yourself. No, not there. If you're a woman, advises Jillson, dangle your shoe in a rhythmic way or play with your earring. For men, play with your drink. The secret is not what you're doing but the steady rhythm you're moving to – it's sexual and comforting.