Had an amusing time out on Sat. night

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Had an amusing time out on Sat. night
Mon, 04-23-2012 - 7:58pm

One of my friends who I met through IV told me about this meetup group for single parents--she met her fiance through this group.

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Mon, 04-23-2012 - 8:04pm

Awesome! It really is possible to go out and have fun and not be desperately looking.

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Mon, 04-23-2012 - 9:19pm
Yep. I second that, Florida! Sometimes (okay, most of the time) getting out should be about just having fun for your own sake and not because there might be a potential date. The old guy you met- he's at every bar and harmless. The guy who got too close- he's trying to show you how awesome his package is. The guy who didn't speak was probably there to try to meet someone and the guy you liked probably had the same mindset as you.

Sometimes it amazes me how different we all are, and yet we're all the same.
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Mon, 04-23-2012 - 10:16pm

Yay Music cheer.gif


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Tue, 04-24-2012 - 10:44am
I'm glad you had fun, Music. I haven't been dancing in forever...this weekend, my best friend (who lives several states away) is coming into town and she loves to dance. I might have to dust off my dancing shoes...we'll see. I hope the cute guy who's your age shows up at the next event you attend :)