This has been a horrible week!

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This has been a horrible week!
Fri, 06-28-2013 - 10:19am

I want to sleep through the rest of it.  Seriously. 

First, I'm pretty sure I've been silently dumped for the second time in three months.  Haven't heard anything from the boy since Monday, and the last week before that  his communication has been very minimal.  He went from everyday, many times to day to nada.  I've had to initiate, and his responses were one word.  The previous boy who did the same thing has been texting again, wanting to "hang out".  I told him no.  I tried being aloof for awhile, but that's just not me.  As soon as I started showing more interest, that's when he bailed (both of them). 

Tuesday, I was preparing food for my Bunko party- 14 people were to be here in three hours- and I sent a paring knife into the palm of my hand.  If I didn't have cleaning and prep to do, I would have gone to urgent care.  But, I didn't have time so I washed it, put gauze on it, taped it up, put a glove over it, and kept on working.  It still hurts today, but I can move my hand fine so I didn't sever anything. 

Yesterday, I ran four miles then found an enormous blood blister under my bad toenail when I was done.  It hurt like heck.  That means no running for awhile unless I can figure out how to cushion it.  I've gained weight back this summer, and I was really trying to get back into my groove. 

Last night, we lost trivia by one point because I didn't put an "n" in a word.  He NEVER counts spelling.  I didn't hear the person who told me the answer correctly, mostly b/c the host guy was busy listening to himself talk on the microphone.  Then we found out the team that beat us had been looking at our answers.  Once I started hiding the white board better, they starting missing a lot more questions.  We were all pretty ticked over that one. 

I thought I had plans Saturday, but when I asked my friend last night if we were still on, she said, "Huh?  I have down Friday's thing, but not Saturday."  Typical of her.  It was even her idea to go out that night.  Hopefully the other friend that's supposed to go won't bail.  The silent dumper might be there, though, so I need strength in numbers! 

I just want to eat and be lazy today, but I know that's not the best way to get out of a funk.  I'm also PMSing, so that makes it far worse.  I was almost in tears several times last night. 

Thanks for listening to me whine. 


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Fri, 06-28-2013 - 10:37am

Hi Shy.. first off hope you will feel better and yes that def. sounds like a sucky week but it could be worse..thank goodness it will all be uphill from here Cool

I know how you feel about the men.. Geeezzzzzzzzzzzzz.. I think men today are so nutty the young ones and the old ones.. They absolutely do not know what they want. I hear this all the time from younger women and older women.. You seem to be stuck in the middle crowd of thirties .. You know I saw a tv show saying that now men in their thirties could be the new midlife crisis thing.. I always thought that was in the fifties but it seems its happening younger.... Just know its not you and its them..

I have also gained some weight back.. I had lost 35 lbs. last year and 10 came back.. It was so much work getting it off but I am back to walking and biking again.. It is so frustrating I know when I see other people just eating and eating and dont care I am like that isnt fair.. Yeah; life isnt fair but keep going.. If you cant run then walk or ride your indoor bike .. Do something to change up your mood. I know easier said than done.

If you want to just sleep then do it.  If that is what your body says. Maybe its tired and you need a huge break.

I would though get the hand checked out.. just for precaution..especially since you were in hospital awhile ago..My mother gene has kicked in.. (lol)

Well.. Not sure you wanted an answer but here it is..

Take care of yourself and practice some self care today.. That is my RX for you..Sending you lots of positive vibes.. Oh; by the way plan something for summer even if its a staycation to get your mind off troubles.. It works as i have done that in the past.. Just went around to areas where I live with a friend and her son.. We had a blast and we werent too far from home.. We did an amusement park with go carts and a pool and the beach and some fishing off of a boat..

okay take care and vent away.. It will get better. Promise..!!!!

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Fri, 06-28-2013 - 10:55am

I'm pretty sure they can't do anything for my hand.  It's been several days.  I do need to get my toe checked out eventually b/c I'm pretty sure the toenail is infected.  It's been like that for a year now, though. 

My plan is to get my great-nephew next weekend and do some fun stuff with him.  I am worried that he'll chicken out, or that his mom will chicken out and won't let me take him.  I feel like I'm bleeding money right now as it is, so I can't do anything more expensive than that. 

I do think these guys don't know what they want.  It's like they know they need to settle down, but they have this "something better" mentality.  I'm not contacting this one again.  He can call/text and try to explain, but I'm pretty ticked at him at the moment.  He works in law enforcement- carries a gun, wears a bullet-proof vest to work.  Just disappearing when you work in that kind of job is just a bit meaner than disappearing otherwise. 

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Fri, 06-28-2013 - 11:17am

I hope things start looking up.  I think it happens to everyone--you have problems that aren't that big but when you have a bunch of them at the same time, then it's like a big weight on you (no pun intended).  I hope your hand doesn't hurt any more, but yes, you should get your toe checked out.  I also hate when girlfriends bail on me on the weekends.  If someone said right away, they didn't want to go out, that's fine, but when someone cancels at the last minute, then it's hard to make other plans.  I am hoping the woman I am supposed to go out with tonight doesn't cancel (we only made the plans on Tues, so I don't know why she would) but I do have a backup plan cause I know some other women are going out, but I don't really want to go to where they are going, which is a single dance.

Oh I think it's really immature when someone you have been dating just ghosts because they dont' have the guts to be honest.  It's not pleasant to have to say something bad to someone.  I think most people don't want to break up because they feel uncomfortable hurting someone else's feelings, but it's really all about them--obviously you are still going to be hurt when you realize the guy is uninterested because he hasn't called you, but then he doesn't have to be uncomfortable by saying something to you.  so it's really a very selfish thing to do.

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Fri, 06-28-2013 - 7:10pm

I am going to cry.  Had a paragraph typed out, went to insert a sarcastic smiley and it edited out all ma words!  Boo!

Explaining to someone what's going on is so easy for us, that I do not understand how men are so incapable of it.  Perhaps if men were overly communicative, we wouldn't find them as interesting or for as long?  It's baffling.

Well, I hope the injury doesn't impair your ability to grasp a bottle of beer (or the libation of your choosing) this weekend, that would be a d*mn shame!  Have fun, better than that, I dare you to pinch the a** of the cutest guy in the bar . . . 

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Fri, 06-28-2013 - 9:16pm

I've had that happen before. It's maddening!  

Although my toe hurts, I'm going to try to run, or at least walk. I'm at home bored. I could go out, but I'm just so cranky!!  I did get tomorrow's plans confirmed, so that's good. The person I'm going with seems to help attract the men, so maybe I'll get a chance to flirt. If he shows up, I just hope I have the strength to not cave if he gives me a lame excuse! 

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Sat, 06-29-2013 - 7:52pm

I don't like guys who are flaky like that.  I have no tolerance for it.  Most guys now days have no clue what they want or they want to live off of our hard earned salary.  Yeah, ain't gonna' happen!  It's ok to vent whether you need to cry it out or scream it out.  Sometimes you just have to let it all out.  And when everything hits us at once, we forget to breathe sometimes.  Just remember to take care of you.  

In regards to the workout routine, don't let this be a setback.  Setbacks do suck.  But get back up & keep moving forward.  If you do decide to walk, do a gentle walk.  Or, you could do spin (riding your indoor bike) or use your treadmill if you still have it.  Another option would be yoga.  But do get that toe looked at.  You don't want infection to set in or if it already has, you definitely don't want it to get worse.

Hang in there toots.  It will get better!