Hey all! Please read my story

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Hey all! Please read my story
Fri, 04-11-2014 - 6:57pm

Well i'm gonna explain a little about my situation, my hobby and how you can help me Currently i am living with a man that well.... is not the right man for me or not the right man for ANY girl to be hounest So i want to move out and here is where you can help I don't have much money and i'm looking for some people to help me raise enough money to start a new life This is where the "mix pleasure with business" part comes into play. In return i'll do naughty cam shows.... hihihihi that's also my new hobby... doing naught cam shows of myself hehe, fun huh? Im always revealing a lot hihihihi Maybe you can just look at it as a business deal or maybe you just want to help a pretty girl lolol If you want i'll give you two examples on skype my Skype is lexi.smith745 I have a Paypal account if you feel the need to help, ANY small amount will help me. So... thats about it... Hit me up on Skype, email me or just help 

email is lexi2sexi@outlook.com hoping to hear from u!

Well, hope that u can help me Kisseeeeeeeeeeeessss!!! 

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