How long to wait before dating again????

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How long to wait before dating again????
Fri, 09-30-2011 - 4:44pm

I have recently come out of a 9 year marriage it was me that ended it due to some abusive behavior that i wasn't willing to put up with anymore.

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Fri, 09-30-2011 - 5:46pm
Are you legally divorced yet? If not, you should wait until it's final at the very earliest. Ideally, I've heard you should wait a year after it's final. Abusive relationships can mess you up pretty badly and you will need some time to heal on your own.
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Fri, 09-30-2011 - 8:20pm
My take on it is to heal or at least start healing from the last relationship before jumping into starting another one. Otherwise you will bring that baggage to the next relationship. Plus a year after the divorce is final is a good rule-of-thumb before you start dating.